Click here to read or submit reviews and ratings for Bird-Watching-In-Lion- Bird Watching In Lion Country by Dirk Du Toit. Reviews for BWILC by Dirk Du Toit at By traders, for traders. Hi: Does anyone have any experience with or opinions about the book [U] Birdwatching in Lion Country[/U] by Dirk du Toit? Other than the.

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Bird Watching in Lion Country by Dirk Du Toit: eBook Review | Fin Buzz

And everyone who learnt to trade successfully realised along the way, that mentors, like books, have their limitations. You can sign up for future newsletters on Dirk’s website. For example, technical analysis and its indicators were developed countrj in order to trade stocks, futures and options on centralized exchanges.

The one thing they should make smaller, position size, they actually make su, oblivious of the real effects of gearing, how to use it as a friend, and how dangerous it can be as an enemy if not properly used or understood.

They may differ from yours with as much as a year.

I can also anticipate price changes based on known future events. The price is precisely what it is, no more, no less, but its very impersonality belies the fact that a multitude of individual contributing factors have come together, and are constantly coming together, in an ongoing real time process of ever changing events. Its perhaps not obvious, even counter-intuitive but there it is.

Bird Watching in Lion Country

I want my book to be useful to you. The man is curious and moves closer. The big issue is how do we determine clearly the fundamental trend, because if we are trading in the wrong way that could be pretty bad. This opinion, though formed daily, is made up of a composite of factors and some of these factors are longer term in order to reduce the role randomness plays. There are few market participants that make money using a very short time frame.


When thinking about reviewing the book Bird Watching in Lion Country I realized how difficult it is to write an objective, fair and substantiated book review. What happens if you have two losing months in a row? Yes, if a month is your personal time frame.

Bird Watching in the Lion Country

The difference is this: They havent been listening. You may be lucky and do it once using high gearing bifd I guarantee you this: I believe the winners in the trading world are those who know how to distinguish the real truths from the half-truths.

Lets have a look at another formula, my formula, how I make money in the currency markets. Forums Commercial Educational Resources. Trading is not simply about analysing price charts.

Part 4 is the system. Just as they start to see an outline the cars speed up again. I believe one of the watchin reasons is a lack of understanding of the role that randomness plays in trading. That is why so few people manage it.

I have been fortunate enough to be in the small group of winning traders and being philosophically minded as well as deeply contrarian, I have a pretty strong opinion on why this is so including the fact that I have had my portion of good fortune. There is the time frame for making money which you have set as a goal, your personal time frame, and the time frame of the market you have chosen to work with which I will call your chosen time frame.

Just as the internet has facilitated communication it has also given anyone with something to say a soap box. In this part we also introduce the different conceptual aspects that can cause you to either be a winner or a loser.

If the bottom ud the grid is breached by price and the breach continues then obviously the grid is no longer really valid and needs to be readjusted.

Bird Watching in Lion Country | Trade2Win

And yet many students want a signed im, a system that will simply, and without too much effort or fuss, bank money. In other words, where most say, take the maximum you are prepared to trade with, wait for your signal, add your stop and limit and trade, he says, “just take a little bit of what you are prepared to risk and enter in a identified “zone”, and then add to that position, preferably at BETTER prices not more expensive and do so until you are fully “invested” and then wait for the profits, which you can pick off all at once or one by one.


This book is only in a very limited sense a goal in itself. It begins with my goals, because these have a direct bearing on when I push the dr.cirk or sell buttons. If you want to trade for a lifetime and you are not trading in three years time, you have failed.

Very few people go into trading with the right idea of what it is they are going to be doing, of what trading is all about. I believe a lot of beginner traders are left behind by tutors even though these tutors have the proper experience, and are well versed in their own trading systems. They turn to tactics which seem to eliminate randomness and uncertainty, they like training courses, ebooks and webinars which provide mechanical buy or sell signals with exact entry and exit points.

Mentorship, like the US dollar, has been devalued. Add to this the fact that you are probably watching the prices fed to you by one market maker, your market maker, while at the same time there are literally hundreds of other market makers all quoting their own prices.

People do, but very few make money doing so.