This page explains how to deploy the BIRT viewer to a Java EE container. If you’ve changed anything, then copy the following URL into your browser and. If the problem is just get the right URL, this would be something like: The “run” method is one of the methods mapped in the BIRT Viewer Servlet. There are two . Also, use the features of the BIRT report viewer application in custom web applications. Settings for how to deal with the url report path.

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Integrate the BIRT Viewer with Java and Java EE web applications

Valid values are true or false. This reuse saved time and effort for generating a custom BIRT report viewer.

These Servlets handle three mappings: Specifies the default location to store report engine log files. If this is left blank vieewer default value for the parameter is used.

Viewer Usage

Specifies whether to vewer the report document every time a report is executed. Valid values are true and false. This attribute is used to create a form and is required if using the isCustom attribute. Stop, then restart Tomcat. When using the report tag, this setting determines if the parameter page is displayed. Copy the “WebViewerExample” directory to your JBoss installation, under the deploy directory for your configuration.


In addition, if you desire to have BIRT deployed in one context and include the tag library in a separate context this can be done by copying viewef birt. This file contains various settings used by the viewer. The same concepts, perhaps with different details, apply to other app servers. The Web Viewer now contains a tag library that can be used to customize the behavior of vieaer Viewer. Specifies whether the report document that is created is overwritten.

Integrate the BIRT Viewer with Java and Java EE web applications

If this setting is left blank, resources will be searched for in the same directory as the report. This prevents a user from entering a full path to a report. Report Viewet must already exist. This setting specifies the resource path used by report engine. Click on the link labeled “View Example” to confirm that your installation is working properly. If reportContainer is set to div, this setting is ignored and the parameter page is not displayed.

eclipse – How to Pass Input Parameters by URL in BIRT? – Stack Overflow

The features available will depend on what servlet mapping is used, the settings available in the web. The file is named birt-runtime-version.


Note that a report document will not be created, but if the reportDocument exist it will be rendered.

Comments Sign in or rul to add and subscribe to comments. Report parameters that are designated in the design as required and are not entered in one of the above methods will cause the viewer to launch a parameter entry dialog box.

Viewer Usage Section Contents. By default the frameset, run and preview mappings will automatically determine if the parameter page is required. When using the Viewer tag with the frameset pattern, this setting determines if the report title is displayed. Valid values are yes or no.

Add the following reference to your web. Most of the directories uro configurable using variables set within web. Report parameters are used by the report designs and configuration parameters affect the appearance and features available to the example Viewer application.

Display the Tomcat manager application to check that the viewer is deployed: