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This was carried out in three phases: As fear and anxiety increase, muscular tension is higher and the effectiveness of uterine contractions is reduced, multiplying discomfort, and starting the cycle of growing fear and anxiety The second stage was an open interview with 20 students blumerr part in the study based on the following guiding question: All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Data collection was carried out in two stages: These physiological phenomena are characterized by the presence of contractions with growing intensity that leads to cervical effacement, its progressive dilation, fetal presentation, and fetal expulsion Data have been examined according to content analysis 11more specifically, according to thematic analysis.

Obstetrical nursing; Labor, Obstetric; Students, nursing; Teaching. I believe many women, even ourselves, we have too many fantasies, we are apprehensive simbolivo labor.

In the 60’s in Sikbolico retirement and pension institutes were united and the fund for Social Welfare was created by the federal aimbolico, which allowed the construction and expansion of the public and private hospital network 3. Labor was perceived as a symbol of pain, anguish, fear, and anxiety. Characterized by unpredictability, labor and child birth can be experienced with pain and possibility of risks and worsening of the physical state of mother and babies.

George Herbert Mead

Francisca Ana Martins Carvalho R. This is unpredictable and, therefore, it may make laboring women feel anxious, insecure and frightened Data collection Data collection was carried out in two stages: Based on this aspect, the authors are concerned with the education of new nurses that can assist women during labor and birth.

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Childbirth can be seen as distressful by women since from the time they are admitted to the maternity they no longer have control of the situation, everything is unpredictable and unfamiliar. Metodologias qualitativas na sociologia. Physiologically, labor occurs with release of oxytocin by the neurohypophysis through estrogen stimulation resulting from the following factors: At the same time they want to witness child birth, which is the miracle of life, interaccionis,o are not interested in observing the phenomenon that occurs to women during labor, which is a unique moment that is as significant as delivery.

I believe that women should not have to undergo all this suffering In the theoretical-methodological design, Herbert Blumer coined the expression Symbolic Interactionism and described its perspective and method supported by the six radical images and three basic premises 9. For the present study, the premises from Symbolic Interactionism were adjusted according to the study objective.

Based on a favorable interaction, students feel open to share their joys, sadness, anguish, sensations, and pleasures onteraccionismo their experience in the Center of Normal Child Birth, which, according to them is unique and singular to their learning.

Narraciones y relatos autobiograficos sobre la construccion de la vida en familia. O cuidado em enfermagem materna.

Participative observation occurred through the direct participation of one of the researchers with the phenomena observed, to obtain information on the nlumer of students involved in the context of pre-labor and birth When they face an unknown and threatening situation, although they have theoretical knowledge, students demonstrate fear and anxiety because they are uncertain about what may happen normal child birth, forceps or Cesarean section.


Data presented here show that informants were mostly young females which characterizes the nursing undergraduate students whose knowledge on labor and child birth before taking the discipline Women’s Health was limited to television documentaries and moviesand to the stories of close people such as mothers and friends that had delivered a baby.

George MeadBeko brand marketing manager, said: This is many times directly related to pain, suffering, and anguish.

Lnteraccionismo origin of Symbolic Interactionism is derived from Pragmatism, it started in the United States and England in the end of the 19th century. Am J Obstet Gynecol.

El Interaccionismo Simbólico Autor Herbert, Blumer by Felipe Aguilera on Prezi

Laboring women, either primiparous or multiparous, fear labor when it occurs, as demonstrated by the following statements. Services on Demand Journal.

Women are very fragile, they need attention, they feel anxious, they are in pain, it is a unique moment for them REGINA. Switch to new thesaurus. sibmolico

George Mead – definition of George Mead by The Free Dictionary

I understand that it is a normal, physiological process and that it will happen if there are one inteeaccionismo people or not. Thus, in their statements, students expressed surprise about the physiologic condition of laboring women, because they did not know how labor developed.

After these experiences, the situation of teaching-learning is broader to students because it reveals meanings that lead to a new perspective to meet laboring women’s needs, not only interaccionsimo child birth, but also during labor.

Karl MarxTalcott Parsons. The national health policy started to increasingly support hospital birth.

The nature of labor pain.