Documents, presets, manuals Boss DD Giga Delay – Audiofanzine. View and Download Boss Giga Delay DD owner’s manual online. Digital Delay. Giga Delay DD Music Equipment pdf manual download. DD(T). BG b. 23 b f e. 1 k. 20 m n c. 31 G QUICK MANUAL LABEL. 1. G ENC KNOB. 1. G .. Parallel box (BOSS J-5). • Oscilloscope.

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Twist is mwnual sort of “novelty” effect, selectively applied by the user, that sounds like a temporary rise and fall in an analog delay’s feedback and delay speed.

This can be added and subtracted on the fly. Effect Sound to match the device connected to the DD I had no end of grief trying to figure it out.

I have set two DDs to the same delay time and they remain in sync for as long as I have cared to listen – 30 minutes or more. If you are buying it anyway, why not let some of your cash go to your favorite web site?


You can go directly to the Boss web page for the DD with this link: Additionally, in order to feel assured that you have gained a good grasp of every.

Warp is a kind of automatic increase in the effect level and feedback level. Note that the DD stores the settings, not the audio material you loop.

Before using this unit, carefully read the sections entitled: There is no control over any parameter of the Smooth effect. I’ve also wired them up with the output 1 of pedal A into input 2 of pedal B, and output 1 of pedal B into input 2 of pedal A, effectively creating a cross-feedback that can be controlled with the effect level, tone, and feedback controls.

Smooth adds a hint of rather digital-sounding stereo reverb. A stereo input remains a stereo output in this mode. Reviews of the DD on Harmony central can be found at this link: Check the connections again p. This is what the DD can’t do: Press the knob in while turning in the direction you want to go, and the time scrolls in larger increments.


Staccato sounds played over time will appear as somewhat unpredictable random points in the stereo spectrum, while longer sounds will each have their own “swirl” depending on where in the wave the sound was played.

Reverse reverses the input. Further, the effect is not a mono effect panned to left and right but a stereo effect applied to a mono signal. Manula only hitch to this is that once boss leave a mode, you cannot alter its settings, even though you continue to hear its audio output.

Manial repairs, due care is taken to avoid the loss of data. By using the double playback head, a second delay is added at half the current setting, e. Think of it as a stealth auto-mixer, allowing you to selectively raise the level and feedback of manua delayed sound whenever you wish. Actually, you can sneak 46 seconds out of it – scroll down to the description of Pan mode for more. When using the DD in dimly lit surroundings, you can confirm memory numbers more easily by using the Lighting Pattern 2 setting.

Set the effect and feedback levels low or even totally offthen press the on-off pedal as you continue to play. This simultaneously controls the delay sound’s feedback level and vol- WARP ume to produce a totally unreal delay.

Descriptions of the 11 Delay Modes, along with some tips and tricks for using them: Seekers of dense swirling soundscapes can use this wiring with the two pedals slightly out of synch – say, 40 to 80 ms apart – and create, with just a few swelling ddlay, a kind of watercolor-on-paper-towel cd-20 of sound. If you set the Effect level full up and the Feedback to minimum, you will hear only a reversed signal, but if you increase the feedback, you can hear the original, forward signal with subsequent repetitions of the stored sound.

Analog simulates a solid-state analog delay by adding a pronounced midrange resonance at approximately Hz along with a loss of lows and highs, bsos like a band-pass filter with a high Q at about Hz.

  LEI 8625 DE 1993 EM PDF

As long as you hold down the pedal, the effect and feedback levels rapidly rise to a “normal” maximum not an oscillating-feedback like the “Twist” mode. Boss calls it “an aggressive, spinning sensation. A “seamless switching” feature allows you to switch from one delay mode to another without abruptly losing the audio of the first mode. Some of the effect modes reduce the output to mono; these are noted in the descriptions below.

To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Boss Giga Delay DD-20 Owner’s Manual

This is commonly called a “ping pong” delay. A jack must be inserted to both outputs or the stereo effect and the potential second delay won’t be goga. Operation The pedal functions differently according to the Pedal mode settings.

This is pretty darn cool if you ask me. The blue “cycle” LED defines the reverse point. However, if you adjust the Delay Time while a sound is being regenerated, a bubbly, wobbling bosd is introduced.

The Sound On Sound mode is rather basic, with no control of feedback, and no reverse, half-speed, or pitch-changing functions. However, simultaneously pressing and turning the knob causes the delay time setting to change rapidly, allowing you to quickly reach the value you want, even felay higher values.

Boss Giga Delay DD Manuals

See ” Ted’s Time Tip ” below. Don’t have an account? The depth of cross fade how hard to the left and right the signal is panned can also be set from 0 no panning to maximum panning. Got it, continue to print. The new “Time Advance function” provides quick, yet sensitive control of delay times. Manua indicator flashes while the DD is in write standby; the indicator flashes more rapidly while the write operation is in progress.