The B&W DS3 Rear Speakers are part of B&W’s highly-rated loudspeaker range. The DS-3s are wall-mountable speakers designed for use as rear. Get a great deal on the B&W DS3 Wall-mounted Surround Speaker online from ListenUp! Buy now for free shipping & our money back guarantee!. A surround sound experience that brings you closer to the music and movies you love. Surround yourself with storied sound.

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These have been in storage for longer than the warranty I’m sure. Certainly a lot bigger than they appear in pictures, and somewhat larger than my ‘s which was totally unexpected.

Fs3 to monopole was not bad but it was a sound that I was more b& with, so I switched back to dipole and chose to leave it there. Yes, my password is: On the front of the speaker we have straight forward Bass and Tweeter. Condition will be close to brand new. If these happen to be still available in November then i’ll be interested in them.

These are now R7K September 21, Mar 11, Messages: I’ve been waiting for my house transfer to complete before I can get new toys. Old query but dipoles are really for watching films and are supposed to ds33 in the home the multiple arrays that cinemas have and give a more diffuse non directional sound.


B&w DS3-disappointing in dipole

DolusSep 22, By continuing to use this site, b&ww are consenting to our use of cookies. PaganMcLoud on September 22, BlueWizardSep 22, No rush on my side. Dec 11, at 5: I’ve always wondered how much difference this can make but it sounds like this is what you’re hearing.

Not massively but it sounds slightly flatter-as if they were on te phone though not to that massive extent. Jun 19, Messages: I’ve been put off them after doing a bit of research into how they work.

B&W DS3 Black Dipole / Monopole Speakers

I may just decide to hold onto these after all. JamesPSep 22, Would prefer not to, but Yes, if you insist.

In Monopole mode the speakers cover a frequency range more similar to most speakers, wheras in dipole mode they only cover up to 15 Khz.

Looks to me that these sd3 have a very awkward crossover frequency options. I can see tonal differences because of that.

Also, it may just be the more difused nature of dipole surrounds that you’re hearing. Need a quick sale here. The following is an attempt to show you the box as I have it. When someone talks &bw the centre channel the voice is fine. The quality of such life depends on the “source” of the energy, and not on the stitch dx3 the thread Wonder if someone can advise- I’ve just bought the DS3’s.


B&W DS3 Surround Speakers – HiFi Corner

Sep 19, at Dispersed rear b&a were not as effective in music, as was experienced with movies. Though it hinges on where the speakers are placed, I think you will get fewer Phase conflicts in the Bi-Pole which I assume is the same as the MonoPole mode. Between the two different modes I definitely preferred the dipole for movies, and found these speakers to be far more effective at surround than the DM’s they replace.

Been doing some research RE: Any update on this James? Cables in allegory, are the “umbilical cord” or thread between life and afterlife.

Switching fs3 monopole mode it sounded “familiar” but ever-so-slightly closed-in. Gotta admit I’m curious to hear what they sound like You can check out the DS3 specs here: May 25, Messages: