THE MAKING AND UNMAKING □ F A M □ S S AD OFFICER VICTOR OSTROVSKY CLAIR E. H O Y This electronic version of “By Way of Deception,” has. By Way of Deception has ratings and 99 reviews. This book is very critical of the Mossad and Victor Ostrovsky is considered a criminal in Israel. [“By way of deception shall you Conquer.” — Mossad’s motto. Victor Ostrovsky was a career Mossad agent. He left Israel’s secret police agency and returned to .

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I’m claustrophobic and they knew it from all the psychological testing. The paper was white, either square or rectangular.

We would spend many classroom hours practicing NAKA, since the organization’s main goal is gathering information and reporting it. Where is my house?

Ran was to make an excuse for being unable to attend. The episode was filmed, not necessarily for blackmail purposes, but just to see what was going on, what Halim would say and vy.

The book is thrilling but to what extend it is true For two hours, Prime Minister Menachem Begin had been waiting for news in his home on Smolenskin Street, with ostrobsky entire cabinet in attendance. Not that it will matter at the other end, of course, but that bloke selling them didn’t know that.

By Way of Deception?

An Israeli psychiatrist was already poring over every detail of the reports on Halim for clues to the most effective approach to the man. He told me to get dressed in jeans and come with him. A lot of countries still do, because they know that the moment Israel has certain weapons, it will copy them. Israel osgrovsky been working on a drone, but was not nearly far enough advanced to enter this competition.


There’s big money involved, but I don’t know the first thing viftor it. Somebody had answered the random call now, and was saying, “Who is this? On the fourth morning of that first week, we were all called into a room, one at a time, for a conversation.

It could be read like a thriller. Do you think you were successful? We want to film the traffic at that intersection. He certainly had the time.

They are teaching you as future partners and colleagues, not as students. Now that they had their target, the next problem was how to “recruit” him, particularly since word from Tel Aviv was that this was considered an decepiton efes, or “no miss” a strong osrovsky in Hebrew.

Victor Ostrovsky’s story sounded more bizarre than most, in the beginning. After Samira left for Iraq, Donovan, who’d been picking Halim up regularly and becoming quite chummy, said he had to go to Holland on business for about 10 days. Maxwell was told to cancel the meeting.

This was going to be the most protected event of the year, with so many potential enemies meeting in one place. He gave no details, but suggested meeting in a nearby coffee shop for 15 minutes so I could hear him out. I was driven back down Ibn Gevirol Street, but this time the car stopped in front of the Bank Hapoalim.


They’d love to know what you know about the plant. We’d had a leisurely breakfast and there was coffee for us in the conference room — and as usual, everybody was smoking.

Victor Ostrovsky on Mossad – By Way of Deception, thou shalt do War

If I catch any one of you talking about the office from home, you will be severely punished. What he heard instead was news of the explosion. He’ll be meeting all of us from the project. Thirty minutes later, after I had dressed and resumed my surveillance, I spotted the flashing headlights, went to the car, and was driven back to the Country Club to write my report.

I know what you are.

By Way of Deception: The Making of a Mossad Officer

Mossad had motive and opportunity, says Ostrovsky, whose book about his spy days caused a furor in Israel as it climbed the best-seller charts in Europe and America. Many people will vicfor be happy with what they read in this book.

I was there four or five minutes. He says you’re watching the bank. Without a word said, four of the men entered the van and headed for the city.