±1 LSB INL; no missing codes. – Programmable throughput up to ksps. – 8 external inputs; programmable as single-ended or differential. Part Number: CF Manufacturer: Silicon Laboratories Description: Microcontrollers (MCU) M Kb 12ADC Download Data Sheet Docket. 2-cycle 16 x 16 MAC engine (CF/1/2/3 and. CF/1/2/3 Refer to the corresponding pages of the datasheet, as indicated in. Table , for a.

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Split Mode with Bank Select Port7 Output Mode Register ADC2 Modes of Operation Right Justified Differential Data.

Ports 0 through 3 and the Priority Crossbar Decoder Timer 2, fatasheet, and 4 Control Registers Integer and Fractional Math Configuring Ports which are not Pinned Out Program Space Bank Select Register Timer 2, 3, and 4 Capture Register High Byte Update Output Based on Timer Overflow Interrupts and SFR Paging System Clock Selection Register Data-Dependent Windowed Interrupt Generator.


Integer Mode Data Representation Left Justified Differential Data. Programmable Throughput up to ksps.

Port1 Input Mode Register Timer 2, 3, and 4 Capture Register Low Byte Instruction and CPU Timing Crossbar Pin Assignment and Allocation Refer to Table 1. Timer 2, Timer 3, and Timer Comparator0 Mode Selection Register Typical Master Transmitter Sequence Missing Clock Detector Reset External Oscillator Control Register Voltage Reference Electrical Characteristics Branch Target Cache Data Flow Datasueet Data Register Bit Definitions The devices are available in pin TQFP or.

Serial Port 1 Control Register Frame and Transmission Error Detection External Memory Interface Pin Assignments Port2 Output Mode Register Five general purpose bit Timers.

Enhanced Baud Rate Generation This debug system supports inspec. All analog and digital peripherals are fully functional while debugging using JTAG. Oscillator Frequencies for Standard Baud Rates Configuring the Output Modes of the Port Pins Window Detector In Differential Mode Global DC Electrical Characteristics Internal Oscillator Calibration Register Typical Slave Transmitter Sequence Extended Interrupt Enable Analog Multiplexer and PGA Configuring Port Pins as Digital Inputs Up to 8 External Inputs; Programmable as Single.


In-system, full-speed, non-intrusive debug interface on-chip. Priority Crossbar Decode Table Configuration of a Masked Address Crystal, RC, C, or Clock.

Ports 4 through 7 pin TQFP devices only