Camozzi Pneumatics, Inc. Redbud Blvd. Suite NORTH AMERICAN CYLINDER & ACTUATOR CATALOG > Release ii. Welcome to the world of. CATALOGUE > Release standard and low friction: 0°C ÷ 80°C (with dry air – 20°C) . electro-pneumatic regulator with the low friction cylinder as shown in. Camozzi USA – Your source for high quality pneumatic fittings, pneumatic valves, Cylinder and Actuator Catalog Fitting & Flow Control Valves Catalog NEW.

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Series MX activated carbon filters.

North America Catalogs

Series 90 stainless steel cylinders. Series PDV directly operated solenoid valves with separating diaphragm. Bidirectional flow control valves Series RFO. Series VNV check valves.

Cylinders – Camozzi Automation Ltd

Series KN High Flow directly operated solenoid valves. Excluder tap for subbase. Series 30 rotary cylinders – cushioned. Series VTCN bellows suction pads round – 2,5 folds. CGSN gripper, bore 25 mm – dimensions. Cylinders with short carriage Mod.


Pressure switch with exchange contacts Mod. Suction pad VTCF to – female thread. Series RSW flow control valves with silencer. Cylinders with flanged carriage Mod. Tubing, spirals and accessories.

Single manifold with rear outlets. Cables for Cyliner MTS motors. Series CLR Micro pressure regulators with banjo. Electropneumatically actuated valve, bistable – size 10,5. Series SA shock absorbers. Series L and LT quick-release couplings for the conditioning of moulds for plastics.

Series Caozzi drives for the control of electric actuation. Series VTOF suction pad – male thread. Series 30 rotary cylinders – not cushioned. Series QX twin cylinders. Series N FRL units. Electropneumatically actuated valve – size 10,5.

Camozzi Products area – Catalogue

Shock Absorbers Series SA. Series 32 compact cylinders, Tandem and Multi-position versions. CGPT gripper, size 40 mm – dimensions.

Series MC pressure regulators. Manifold pressure regulators Series MC. Electropneumatic valve, monostable with outlets on sub-base – s.

Straight female connector M12 8 poles.


Cable with straight female connector M12 8 poles. Series MTB motors for electric actuation.

Series 69 rotary cylinders. Slot nut 6 for front insertion. Perforated side clamping bracket Mod. Cylinders Series 60 with rod lock. Series PR precision regulators with manual override. Unidirectional flow controllers Series SVU. Cylinders Series 62 – through-rod. Double sided manifold with rear outlets. Series MTS Stepper motors – dimensions.

Male trunnion bracket with swivel ball joint Mod. Series 31 compact cylinders. Series 69 cylinders – female pinion. Encoder cables for Brushless MTB motors.