what Psalms and readings tend to be used in a Tenebrae service? I would like to put one together for our little community for Holy Week next. Tenebrae Candlesticks Tenebrae candlestick “Tenebrae” is the name given to the service of Matins and Lauds belonging to the last three days of Holy Week. ‘Tenebrae’ sounds weird, but even though it is somber, it might end up being your favorite church service.

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The structure of Tenebrae is the same for all three days. It is suggested you use large candles. Psalm 23 Psalm But no matter which Scripture and music are selected, the pattern of extinguishing the candles and the overhead lights catholix restoring the Christ candle remains the same.

The prayers are written for secondary school pupils and may need rewriting for younger children.

As soon as this prayer is finished, a noise is made with the seats of the stalls in the choir, which continues until the candle is brought from behind the altar, and shows, by its light, that the Office of Tenebrae is over.

The deposition from the cross origin unknown. At this point, the service ends.

What is a Tenebrae Service?

This desertion on the part of His apostles and disciples is expressed by the candles being extinguished, one after the other, not only on the triangle, but on the altar itself. Eram quasi agnus innocens. Other Gregorian melodic patterns are found in manuscripts, but only this one is now commonly used Lamentations, Book of. Psalm Psalm So to me, attending the Easter service without attending the Holy Week services is like watching the happy ending of the movie without seeing the middle—you only rob yourself of joy.


Therese of the Child Jesus St. By tradition, the seventh candle representing Christ, light of the world is not extinguished but is solemnly taken from its place and hidden usually behind the altar. Outside of religious communities that still use matins and lauds, the service is usually adapted for congregational use.

It is intended to provide a good lead into the homily or reflection which, it is suggested, reflects on the person of Jesus on the cross and our reactions to that. Augustineand the lessons of the third nocturn from the Epistles. Some Protestant denominations retained elements of the Roman Tenebrae liturgy, or added others. The traditions regarding this service go back at least to the ninth century.

Some Anglican churches celebrate the Tenebrae service, thereby preserving the importance of the Maundy Thursday and Good Friday observances.

The Jesuit Institute -Tenebrae

Gradually a minor cleric puts out each candle except for the top cathholic that is taken around the sanctuary into the vestry. John the Divine – Google Books”. Robert Appleton Company, After each reading one of the candles is extinguished. Teresa of Avila St. If you think you can pull it off with your pupils, it may be worth trying: Both services have long scripture narratives, which for this service are divided into seven, eight, or nine parts, each one assigned to a different reader.


If you are producing a printed order of service, you may wish to include a powerful image at the end which pupils can look at as catholci wait to be dismissed.

Collins English Dictionary British usage gives: Psalm 2 Psalm 2. It involves extinguishing candles one by one as Christ goes through his passion.

You can also find out How to Conduct a Tenebrae Service. Tenebrae PowerPoint Images to accompany the service of Tenebrae using the introduction and seven readings described on this webpage. Psalm 39 Psalm But it can be effective, especially as it is followed by silence and dismissal in silence. It could be read by one or several readers. Psalm 53 Psalm Psalm 93 Psalm If you wish to have a procession to begin the liturgy, a suitable hymn is needed.

Tristis est anima mea. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from November Webarchive template wayback links Pages with numeric Bible version references Articles containing explicitly cited English-language text Articles with hAudio microformats. The lessons of the first nocturn at Matins are taken from the Lamentations of Jeremias and are sung to a specific Gregorian reciting tone. First Reading Mtt Psalm 74 Psalm It is traditional to pause after the words of the fifth reading “Then Jesus cried again with a loud voice and breathed his last.

Fourth Reading Mk