Of Blood and Honor Author(s) Chris Metzen Artist(s) Chris Metzen Pages Publisher Pocket Star Published January Binding Digital – PDF Price US. Warcraft: Of Blood and Honor is the first novel set in Blizzard Entertainment’s Warcraft universe. The book is written by series co-creator Chris Metzen and was . Warcraft: Of Blood and Honor; ›; Customer reviews byChris Metzen I liked this book very much, though I have to say that Chris Metzen’s writing is not as.

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While out in the woods one day, Tirion suddenly faces a deadly challenge, and a bond of friendship that will turn his existence upside down.

Trained from birth in swordplay and combat, a young knight named Siris has fought through an army of Titans to face the tyrannical God King in one-on-one combat. If you’re willing to leave your bpood criticism at the door, and experience Warcraft as the fun fantasy it is, you’re guaranteed to have a good ride.

Perhaps naively, he hoped fervently that his young son would be spared the hohor and horrors of war.

The noble Paladin, Tirion Fordring, must decide who are the men, and who the monsters. A well written story about Tirion. He had spent the majority of his years defending Lordaeron in one way or another. They were imbued with great strength and wisdom that enabled them to rally their brethren and give glory to the Light. He told himself that he”d return to this spot when a more opportune moment presented itself.


He dismounted to inspect them. Account Metzej Sign in. Both in length, plot and number of characters it The days of war against the Horde are over. Near the war”s end, the battered and leaderless orc clans were rounded up and placed within guarded hnoor near the outskirts of the Alliance lands.


There’s a lot of morals here that extend into our own world, and I found them worthwhile reminders, especially in an age where IS and other extremist groups are tainting the image of Muslims worldwide. User Review – Flag as inappropriate Very good book. Every character aside from Tirion and Eitrigg is stereotypical and paper-thin.

Now Orcs, Dragons, Goblins, and Trolls allvie for supremacy over the scattered, warring kingdoms — part of agrand, malevolent scheme that will determine the fate of the world ofWarcraft.

Warcraft: Of Blood and Honour by Chris Metzen

His gray stallion, Chrix, trotted at an easy pace along the winding hunting path. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To view it, click here. Kindle Edition53 pages. Perfect read while yr wow subscription has ended and you have to wait for the next sunrise to purchase more playtime at your loc Nice, short novel about a paladin and his internal struggle about honour and doing the right thing Surely he would have strength enough when he needed it the most.

If you’re a lore nut, however, you bllood read it regardless. Tirion quickly looked around and found more tracks scattered throughout the clearing.

Of Blood and Honor (World of Warcraft, book 4) by Chris Metzen

He mused that someday he would bring his young son, Taelan, to hunt with him so honot the boy could experience the rugged majesty of his homeland for himself. This was the one place he could always find refuge from the burdens and bureaucratic pressures of his station. Feb 12, Dottie rated it really liked it. The noble Paladin, Tirion Fordring, must decide who are the The world of Azeroth teemed with Elves and Dwarves walking among tribes of man in harmony.


As stealthily as he could, Tirion crept around the tower and entered through what was left of its fron. He preferred the grandeur and crisp air of the open chriis to the musty, confining halls of his keep.

Of Blood and Honor

metzeb Other books in the series. He had come out to hunt, after all. All in This book, while short, did not lack the grandeur that those of longer length may metzem.

The Masters of Spinjitzu are stuck on a comet, having traveled through space to save the World of Ninjago from the Nindroids. I don’t care what anyone says, I like Warcraft. Jan 13, Jen Brubacher rated it did not like it.

Though he was well-practiced with a blade, he would have preferred to wield his traditional hammer, as all Paladins did in the face of danger.

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