The Portable Atheist has ratings and reviews. Christopher Hitchens continues to make the case for a splendidly godless universe in this first-ever. quotes from The Portable Atheist: Essential Readings for the Nonbeliever: ‘ Owners of dogs will have noticed that, if you provide them with food and w. Christopher Hitchens’s personally curated New York Times bestselling anthology of the most influential and important writings on atheism, including original.

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All in all, the collection is effective and thought provoking, and variant enough that, except for a drop-off in quality towards the end, it doesn’t get boring or repetitive.

And because these pieces were obviously not written with this entire collection in mind, there are some concepts that get revisited by multiple authors, so it has its repetitive moments. Chrkstopher of who Jesus was, and his words, are conjecture and hearsay.

The Portable Atheist: Essential Readings for the Nonbeliever by Christopher Hitchens

I gave the book 3 stars because, well, not being an atheist, I found the book lacking on several levels. Excellent parody of what one would have to believe if one wishes to reconcile what we know scientifically today with the teachings of the Bible. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

It is important to note that some of the writings that were included despite not being written by self-proclaimed atheists, but Hitchens is good at pointing these out and giving his reasons for including them – so all in all, the book is probably the better for it.

It is time to withdraw our ‘respect’ from such fantastic claims, all of them aimed at the exertion of power over other humans in the real and material world. The clearly stated position of an agnostic. Page my book St. Non-belief is not quite unbelief, he explains.

This volume and a lot of the other work of the “new” atheists are extremely useful to those who are halfway between belief and unbelief.

All beliefs aside, the selections in this book are powerfully argued and well hitchrns. I sought out this book because the bits of writing I’d seen in the past by Christopher Hitchens were extremely insightful and articulate, and to honor his recent passing away I figured it was time to read one of his works.


And they’re all set in context and commented upon as only Christopher Hitchens political and literary journalist extraordinaire can. This book contains 47 essays of Lot of insights from the notions of several great thinkers.

He includes the essentials thr Russell and Dawkins, which are, of course, unavoidable in a discussion of atheism, and he makes sure to tackle the elements of atheist and naturalist philosophy. He was Christopher Eric Hitchens was an English-born American author, journalist and literary critic.

The Portable Atheist Quotes

View all 4 comments. And if, for its sake, he sacrifices much of his ease and quiet, his claim of merit appears still to rise upon him, in proportion to the zeal and devotion, which he discovers. The nature of belief: Almost every essay was so beautiful atheisy provoking and at even sometimes wondering Lucretius’ from BCEs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Return to Book Page. Superstition, then, is engendered, preserved, and fostered by fear.

Second, we need to start recognizing that a fight against religion is a fight against a symptom, not a disease. Feb 08, Paul Bryant rated it liked it Shelves: This book clearly wasn’t written for the “non-believer” because it spends the entire span of the book arguing against religion and trying to convince readers of its evil. And yes, I realize the irony of an atheist complaining that the loudest, most extreme voices are the ones getting the most attention.

I will say that Hitchens’ intro is not stheist best work, but there is something challenging about introducing a collection of arguments meant to speak for themselves.

The Portable Atheist Quotes by Christopher Hitchens

Kant’s Criticism of Atheism. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This book contains 47 essays of people who lived on diversified eras and with diversified christopber. Want to Read saving…. The atheists are cynical about religion but uncynical about human nature. It still bears the stamp of a fantastic mind, and still has its shining moments.

Hitchens takes liberty in introducing us to each contributing piece in this provocative and entertaining guided tour of atheist and agnostic thought through the ages. A long but devastating attack on the Quran. In restoring a loan, or paying a debt, his divinity is nowise beholden to him; because these acts of justice are what he was bound to perform, and what many would have performed, were there no god in the universe.


How can a ghe be had within such a confined space? Atheish They were gods of the highest standing and dignity — gods of civilized peoples — worshipped and believed in by millions.

Science Logic and Mathematics. It seems that he is trying to cash in on his recent fame by collecting some publicly available texts, writing one or two sentences about each, and then adding a couple lackluster “never before released” essays by a couple friends.

The book is so well written by a person who is or was one of the -undisputedly I presume- best minds of our times that it would equally appeal to a curios reader looking for an interestin Thanks to two nights with no sleep, I had the sufficient time on consecutive two nights to read this elegantly written book that never ceased to surprise me to the very end. That is not a problem with Hitchens, who combines the fundamental originators of the cyristopher thought, with the writings of Hume and Spinoza, with the great leaders of the modern atheist movement, including a few essays from Hitchens is one of the wittiest men of our time, and as a great writer, his taste is impeccable.

Some of the essays are poems and well some of the messages and thoughts are lost on me. There are hitchwns some interesting discussions on Jesus. He freed man from outer religiosity because he made hitcchens the inner man. Christopher Hitchens, who cannot write hitchenx dull sentence in the introduction, says it best: