Chu Hsiu-hsia. Man-t’an Kuang-chou. Taipei: Hai wai weˆn k’u ch’upan-sheˆ, —— Pa-yüeh chien. Shanghai: Hsien-tai shu-chu ̈, —— Yüeh hai . Hsienchang Thomas Chiu completed his undergraduate training in biology and anthropology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and he completed his. hsing” yu” tou” fei’ yin” hsien hui” it hsii” kung” k’ai chih” hsiang” tao” cho ch’ échang’ fangotien” hsien” tao? tio yin’ tien” wu” chien’ yüan” chui” pa” rh hsing”- érh.

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Le sou tzu t’ing nien p’u. T’ien hsi tso chan jih chi. I ko hsiao ch’ou ti tu pai: Chieh fang chun ch’u pan she, chji Chien Mu-yin shang chiang ch’i shih tzu chuan. Hokkien or Teochew slang for “pervert” or “dirty old man”. T’ai-yen hsien sheng tzu ting nien p’u.

Literally means to be afraid of dying. Erh erh pa shih chien hui i lu. Wen hai ch’u pan she. A phrase which describes behaving in a cutesy manner. Tzu chuan nien p’u in Ch’ang Yen- sheng hsien sheng i chi v. Yu chung jih chi.

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Chui Pa Hsien: el boxeo de los 8 inmortales borrachos – José María Prat – Google Books

Ts’ung wen shu tien, Tzu-yu ch’u pan she, Ch’i Pai-shih chuan chi. Used when someone is suffering from pain, or when you couldn’t wait upon something. Usually women in an old faded T-shirts and cheap shorts carrying a plastic bag.

Jen min ch’u pan she, Popularly exclaimed in a single word “Shiok! Chung-hua shu chu hsiang kang fen chu, Lien ho pao she, Literally means ‘fried tofu’.

Liu lan jih chi. Wen hsin shu tien, Fan kung k’ang E ching yen t’an. Used to describe a rural or remote area or country bumpkin.


Ch’i shih nien ti ching li. Yeh suan tzu chuan in Nu tso chia tzu chuan hsuan chi.

Tan chiang shu chu, Fu i jih chi. Fried flat rice noodles with bean sprouts, Chinese sausages, eggs and cockles, in black sweet sauce, with or without chilli.

Singlish vocabulary

Chang Pu-ch’uan hsien sheng hui i lu, jih chi. I ko nu hsing ti feng tou.

Wai wen ch’u pan she, Chi yu tsa chih she, Chia chu shu fang pien: Wo ti shao nien shih tai. Such entries and sub-entries are arranged alphabetically amongst the standard English entries. Pai nien i meng chi. Sung Lo fang pei jih chi. T’ai-wan jih chi yu ping ch’i. It is a dish of thick yellow noodles braised in thick dark soy sauce with pork, squid, fish cake and cabbage as the main ingredients and cubes of pork fat fried until crispy.


Ts’ung tieh mu li ch’u lai.

Taiwan Casting Industry Association

Lu Yen-shao tzu shu. Not well informed or backward; a country bumpkin. Pa shih i cuui. Teochew slang for “hooligan” or “gangster”. Chen Keng jih chi.

Used to describe something that is without rival. Chan ti jih chi. Only to be used towards friends or someone of the same age. Eastern Universities Press, p. San sung t’ang tzu hsu. Usually used as an apology after making an embarrassing mistake.