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Where metering is restricted to the measurement o the total utility consumption, f estimates will have to be made of utility consumption resulting from building services plant.

Ensure that the rangeability of the selected valves is large enough to provide stable control under low load conditions. The control equipment for any main andor critical items of plant should be witnessed completely along with a random sample of other points. Air distribution systems 2 Code B: Check that data communications are error-free, i. During the commissioning period these conditions may not arise due to the building being unoccupied and the impact of seasonal influences, e.

CIBSE Commissioning Codes

In practice, most Fire or Building Control Officers will only accept interaction with an autonomous fire alarm system, i. Check that data logging functions operate Correctly.

However, in some contractual arrangements, some or all of the control system design work may be performed by the control system contractor. Flow measuring devices are in place and in the correct location for accurate measurement including pressure tappings. Check that under normal operating conditions or optimum start cooling the expansion valve is closed if the off-coil temperature falls below the specified low-limit set point.

Check that under normal operating conditions the humidifier is enabled and the valve opened when the supply fan is proven. When used i n conjunction with an office IT network ensure that permission has been granted from the IT manager. The Code acknowledges that it may be applied in a variety of contractual frameworks. The following checks apply to uni-directional systems: Switch the fan to automatic control and check the operation of the fan speed control by forcing the output via the application software.


Criteria relating to control accuracy and stability. In recognition of the importance of commissioning, the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method BREEAM ‘ awards points where evidence can be provided showing a client commitment to a firm commissioning period prior to, and immediately after occupation to ensure efficient operation of all services within a building.

Check the destination of the alarms. Check on start-uphhutdown that the fan operation is as specified.

Commissioning of buildings and building services is vitally important to the safe and energy efficient operation of buildings but it is not always carried out – or carried out systematically. On-site tests If the control panel is left on site for commiasioning long period then adequate steps should be taken to ensure that it is protected from dirt, damage and moisture e.

Check that all damper sections and linkages operate synchronously.

Throughout this procedure check for smooth and regular movement of the actuator and device. Commissioning times are often compressed due to project overruns, therefore it is beneficial to perform as much xibse work off-site as possible in order to minimise the adverse effects of short commissioning timescales. These can be used as initial indicators of underlying services and controls related problems. Interlocks b d Panel C7. The consultant or equivalent party should witness test the control panel before handover.

For structured cabling systems ensure that all outlets coommissioning properly labelled and assigned. Check that during normal plant operation the damper positions modulate under PI control to provide the specified zone heatingkooling temperature set points. When the field wiring is complete to the power section, repeat the flash test before closing the main isolator.

T h e usefulness commisaioning any readings will depend on the level of sub-metering. Integration between a BMS and intruder detection system commjssioning involves the provision of a supervisory monitoring facility that transfers monitored data from an autonomous intruder detection system to the BMS operator workstation.

Check that on fan failure the corresponding supply or extract fan switches off. Provide a sufficient length of spare cable so that the sensor can be removed without disconnecting the wiring.


CIBSE Commissioning Code W: Water distribution systems (CCW)

It is also beneficial to have a review meeting attended by all parties, including the client, where the various issues can be raised and discussed. Any ambiguity is likely to result in contractual problems that may ultimately impact on the effectiveness of the installed control system. Check all indicators and signals out of the panel, e. This is most likely to be achieved if the requirement is ckmmissioning the brief from the outset, and specialist commissioning advice sought early in the design process.

The commissioning of the control system can be simplified if the commissioning of the building services systems are simplified. CIBSE Commissioning Codes dibse out clearly and systematically the steps required to commission buildings and building services in a proper and timely manner.

Many modern control systems provide a function that allows the automatic generation of system documentation. While control inputs such as outside and inside air temperatures can be overridden in order to simulate out of season conditions, full testing should be performed under real operating conditions.

Schematics of the systems to be controlled indicating the location of sensors and actuators. Segregation of power cabling and switchgear from control cabling and electronic equipment.

Refrigerating Systems: CIBSE Commissioning Code R – Terry Welch – Google Books

Ensure spare back panel space is provided as specified. It is common for commissioning periods to be compressed due to overall project delays. The degree of beneficial interaction between the operator and the commissioning engineers will depend on the ability of the operator. This in turn requires that the set-up and operation of a cofe system is checked. Further guidance concerning the tuning of control loops is provided in Appendix CA2.