re-encounters his former lover as she defends herself in a war-crime trial. Director: Stephen Daldry. Writers: David Hare (screenplay), Bernhard Schlink ( book). Benhard-Schlink-Cititorul – Download as Text File .txt), PDF File .pdf) or read online. Cititorul (Romanian Edition) [Bernhard Schlink] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Cititorul este tulburatoarea poveste a unei iubiri.

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Choice is key here, and some choices are carry a bigger weight than others. The option for rebellion doesn’t even raise its head; either you do the task or someone else will, raise a fuss and you may just find yourself on the train with them.

The Reader

She writes to Michael, but he cannot bring himself to reply. The decision to include a statutorily illegal relationship was obviously meant to garner attention, but it fails to shock, titilate, or even vaguely incite any schlini.

On his way home from school one day, Michael became violently ill while on the street. I was trying to project a certain image; unfortunately, the image I projected was bernhadd creepy loner way too interested in Russian melodrama.

Hanna is guilty of war crimes, Michael is guilty for betrayal plus he feels guilty for having loved Hanna and asks himself if that makes him a criminal as wellMichael’s father for not being enough of a father. It also reminded me of the remarkable book by Karen Ho, a social researcher from Princeton.

Every gesture, every look, every enunciation add details and shed light to who they were, are and might become.

To his shock, one of them is Hanna, who had been a camp guard at Auschwitz. We are all inevitably involved in this larger problem.


Some people might not be bothered by this, but I personally simply prefer feeling close and connected to the characters of a story. Bernbard could not resolve this. The Reader by Bernhard Schlink.

I guess this is shocking? She is convicted and sentenced citihorul life in prison while the other women receive only minor sentences. Allowing Nazis to become human in our mind does not excuse any of the crimes they committed.

Cititorul (Romanian Edition): Bernhard Schlink: : Books

Somehow, he let go of his control and made “Billy Bernharr exuberant and glorious, with each note and emotion spilling out of the screen. It does not mean you have to like that person one iota, but an effort should be made to see how such things are possible- how each decision moved them further and further down the road to the Nuremberg Tribunal.

There are some books you know will stay with you forever, and Bernhard Schlink’s The Reader is definitely one of them. These are the questions schllnk the heart of Holocaust literature in the late 20th and early 21st century, as the victims and witnesses die and living memory fades. Ruth Franklin writes that the figure is two million; see p.

This schlikn driver of “being the best you can” struck loud bells in my own experience. I have to admit that although the clues were there in the story, I had not guessed that Hanna’s big secret was her illiteracy. I am much less rigid in my views now than I was even a decade ago. If you can’t read it yourself, find someone who is willing to read it to you. When she disappears one day without bernhzrd warning, her loss leaves him devastated and scarred for life. It has been highly critically acclaimed, winning the Boston Book Review’s Fisk Fiction Prize, and it deserves all the praise it has received.


The unspoken damage she left to benrhard people around her hangs in the air. And you know, when no one understands you, no one can call you to account.

The Reader – Wikipedia

Escaping that world is no easier than escaping the totalitarian society of Nazi Germany. This is the deep character development and type of writing that i’ve been craving. It is about the past being reshaped in memory when furth This novel breaks so many taboos, it is hard to know where to start reflecting on it. All of them dangerous because they challenge order and the power behind order. But most of all, the reader is ourselves; the title points the finger at us, because now we have the knowledge, what should we do with it?

He is trying to come to terms with his feelings for Hanna, and begins taping bernjard of books and sending them to her without any correspondence while she is in prison. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Lists with This Book. Also, Watch movie based on this novel, My one of favourite actress, the drama Queen Kate Winslet’s performance was surreal Great book.

Jan 28, Hirdesh rated it it was amazing Shelves: They only realized the magnitude of their doings as the war was over, as the Allies found the piles of bodies in camps, published their photos in newspapers and as germans faced their accusators.