Clans of the Alphane Moon [Philip K. Dick] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Title: Clans of the Alphane Moon Binding: Paperback. Clans of the Alphane Moon is expanded from the short story Shell Game CLANS OF THE ALPHANE MOON, now In print once more after many years, Is one of. Clans of the Alphane moon, by Philip K. Dick Any book that features a telepathic yellow Ganymedean slime mold as a major character can’t be.

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It will cost you, she said to herself, more than you can afford to pay. Official web site devoted to science fiction author Philip K. They correspond to the poet class, with some of them being religious visionaries. Jan 12, Ivan Lutz rated it liked it. Cara stood adjusting her blouse, which had somehow become disarrayed.

Most of all I like how he embraces absurdity since life is indeed absurd. It is PKD primarily addressing mental illness a subject he, no doubt has a unique perspective on in the SF genre. Bloodmoney and Clans of the Alphane Moon. Something will go wrong, and then the Terrans will decimate us. Thus, there are the Manses manicsthe Pares paranoiacsthe Heebs hebephrenicsthe Skitzes schizophrenicsthe Ob-Coms obsessive-compulsives and the Polys polymorphous schizophrenics.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. He could render anything with an earthy eye. Some of these residents, mainly the Heebs and Skitzes, have even developed various “psionic” powers, such as the ability to foretell the future via visions and to levitate! It is just another part of PKD showing an honest view of a real human being with real thoughts and drives. The Mans settlement is Da Vinci Heights. Move on to a few “normal” Earthlings, a bitter struggle between an idiot CIA man, his idiot psychologist wife, and an idiot po I started this book knowing nothing only to realize I had just fallen into the deep end of nutsville.


The plot skeleton held promise, but I couldn’t sustain my optimism past hal As much as I love PKD’s writing, I suffered through this one. Your email address will not be published.

As with others he wrote at the same time,he was under pressure to churn out novels at a furious pace,and there was definitely editorial interference at work that would have shaped them to their requirements. Tagged as Philip K Dick. clasn

Clans of the Alphane Moon

I actually recall rather liking it though. Dick died on March 2,in Santa Ana, California, of heart failure following a stroke. There will be a clan of schizophrenics, a clan of manics, a clan of d At a large corner table in a bar in San Francisco inPhilip K. Does she still have clients after that? Patients in enforced hospitalization circumstances—in other words, captivity. This was it seems,reflected in his own peculiar fiction.

It has all the elements you would expect: All that was left was an xlphane darkness. Still, not everything is as it seems, double agents abound, human-seeming “simulacra” are ubiquitous “Person, shmerson,” one of them tellingly says at one point and moral truths are slippery things “Quid est veritas Excuse me, you nubile little minx, can I get some more oysters, or do I need to come back to the kitchen cans spank you?


However, I quite liked it and now I am curious to read other books written by this author. I like the book.

Buy it on Amazon On Earth Chuck Rittersdorf is drawn into a plot involving the Alphanes and their quest to regain control of the moon. They function as the statesman class. Dick though was prolific. I guess this is Philip K. He did not belong in any of the settlements here on Alpha III M2; here he was a loner, an outcast, accompanied by no one even remotely resembling him. The more interesting part of the story takes place on a moon orbiting an al What a wonderful universe! Vuoto cosmico Idea interessante – la classificazione della malattie mentali – che paga a caro aalphane una scrittura poco ispirata e un contesto, attorno all’idea, oggettivamente debole.

Clans of the Alphane Moon by Philip K. Dick

The result is a Dick vision presented in an inconsistent story that is not fully developed. The memory of the transcendent vision he had received was already indistinct; something about a parakeet? Nor do they suspect that Chuck’s new hhe, the famous TV comedian Bunny Hentman, will also be there aiming his own laser gun.