Barker has generated acclaim and controversy with his dozens of shorter works published in the six Books of Blood.” His rather long first novel is often. Description. The Damnation Game. By Clive Barker. Marty Strauss, a gambling addict recently released from prison, is hired to be the personal bodyguard of. Praise. “A deliciously scary tale Barker’s brilliantly literary work has raised horror to a level of excellence it has rarely reached before.

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Bar,er was very disappointed by this book. The writing is all over the place, at times it’s surprisingly good, but most of the time it just seems to go out of the way to try to be unnecessarily descriptive about irrelevant things. I felt sympathy for Marty and found myself hoping that things would somehow work out for him. Marty has also suffered from addiction; gambling to be precise.

There is no flaw in The Damnation Game: The Damnation Game 1 23 Feb 23, Works by Clive Barker. Barker is the only author I have come across who can write about things so disgusting and yet make it as beautiful as poetry. Indeed, all the characters are full, c Barker, in general, is a heck of a lot better writer than fellow horror icon Stephen King except in King’s short stories. But it was somehow barke than th Absolutely excellent book.



Now, with his first major novel, Clive Barker establishes himself as a ddamnation to be reckoned with. This of course gets more and more There are several reasons I bbarker to re-read this novel.

Feb 11, Craig Williams rated it it was ok. Algis Budrys praised The Damnation Game as “a masterly novel,” saying that “it doesn’t fail to deliver what a good horror story should,” that “it delivers it elegantly,” and that “come s to grip with the classic themes.

The Damnation Game (novel) – Wikipedia

He hides in his sauna with his bottle of vodka to forget his troubles, he relies on Marty Strauss, a gambling addict, to keep him camnation in the most important game of his live, a game of life and death and a game of endurance, which opponent can outlive the other. Consider the art, films, plays and prose of this man.

Barker remained in a coma for eleven days but eventually came out of it. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews.

Damnation Game

Not only as an adult who could grasp what happened in it, dammation as an author myself. I think like many people King thought Barker was a great short story author but not as good at the novels. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more.

In this concept, there is no devil with a pitchfork jabbing humanity to act in chaos or destruction. A couple of re-reads later I still think it’s a great book, even if I now know the nostalgia-infusion does a lot for it. Fans have noticed of late that Barker’s voice has become gravelly and coarse.


Just a few examples: I have a bakrer standing love gae relationship with Mr Barker, I have learned, through long experience that he is either astounding or awful, and there doesn’t appear to be a middle ground, but even when his stories are awful his prose is beautiful, it’s worth it just for the language. That flies in the face of generic expectations.

It definitely deserves reading. Please provide an email address. I was disappointed in Marty’s I have to say, I am not a fan of the mass market cover. It seems that in spite of his wealth and the seemingly supernatural luck which has brought it to him, there is a certain debt that must be paid — a debt from which there is no escape.

If I only think about the description of the severed finger, I get the creeps. He honours his agreements much more promptly than many a swindler on Earth. This is, hands down, the scariest book I have ever read. If finally we look for a source of malice, we look for lovelessness El estilo de Clive Barker es genial.