Get 30 Days of Unlimited Online Attempts of CMFAS Module 5 Tutorial and Mock Exam Papers. Instant Access. % Based On Past Year Exam Papers. View Test Prep – M5 Mock from LAW at Murdoch. CMFAS Module 5 Mock Exam CMFAS MODULE 5 4th Edition – July (Reprinted in. Chapter 5 – MAS Notices – Part II [Notice Nos:FAA-N02; FAA-N10; FAA-N12; modules under the Capital Markets & Financial Advisory Services (CMFAS) Upon passing the examination for this module, you are entitled to 2 CPD Hours.

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I also tried the SCI’s e-mock. Hi Belle, I spent about 2 weeks studying per module. I wrote my own notes as i read the book. Hi, Can I pls check how was your experience on M9 exam? Pretty much easier with only 50 questions half that of Module 5.

I passed my Module 5 exam in the first sitting on 10 Oct. There are about 5 questions that require calculation. Definitely at mkdule 2 weeks is required.

Kat July 21, at 8: This type of questions would be hard to just plainly use logic. Hi, came across your blog while searching for M5 tips.


May I ask another question. As I am a very last min person when comes to studying. I didn’t even know which part to focus on! Yes, it was quite dry. I have 5 mock papers for m5 on hand now. Kat July 28, at 7: Appreciate if you could share any advise.

Kat June 29, at 9: But that was a stretch as I had to read the entire text and write notes.

I tried to find out if it is better to take up courses. Thank you for your advices! Around 10 similar questions came up. Read the textbook and understand the concept behind because the questions may just changed a few words and it will be different answer.

Module 5 (M5) – Rules And Regulations For Financial Advisory Services

Each module has mock papers questions with answers. I did it with 2 weeks interval. I also take down my notes while studying because for me it’s an effective way to understand mldule memorize what’s being said in the textbook.

cmfaas I am taking my M5 soon, any tips? Unknown July 31, at At least at the end of the exam, I do not feel that my brain is drained. I tried one and none of the question came up.

Module 5 Exam Details | CMFAS Academy – CMFAS, FMRP, CACS Exam Questions and E-Learning Courses

Unknown October 19, at 1: Basically if you revised the sample examples in the book, it should be sufficient. If you understand some of the examples given in the textbook, these should not be a problem. Not calculation at all. Please email to me at yenjan76 hotmail.


~Live what we love~: CMFAS Module 5, 9, HI

There are questions in every chapter but some topics Chap are of relatively higher cmfa. Please email me at royex59gunz hotmail.

Labels all 70 Korea Trip 14 Korean Language 11 thoughts 6. SianzBoy August 7, at 6: Please dont attempt fmfas mock papers that are out of date. There were one or two questions which require you to calculate the performance fees such as calculating based on fulcrum fee or high water mark arrangement. Hi Sungsoo, I would like to ask what is the duration of self-study you recommend, that will be sufficient to pass M5,M9 and HI?