This dissertation addresses questions concerning the relationship between Bonaventure’s Collationes in Hexaemeron and the Franciscan Joachite movement. In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Franciscan Studies 63 () ST. BONAVENTURE’S COLLATIONES IN HEXAËMERON. The Structural Similarity Between the Itinerarium Mentis in Deum and the Collationes in Hexaemeron with Regard to Bonaventure’s Doctrine of God as First.

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Bonaventurae opera omnia; Quaracchi,V: For Bonaventure, this is philosophical reasoning — sound reasoning hexaemerin of the revelation of God in Christ. Bonaventure’s Itinerarium Mentis in Deum. In his preface to the English edition of the Bonaventure book, Ratzinger acknowledges that his interest grew out of concerns in German Catholic theologicalcircleswith the relationship between biblical salvation-history and Hellenic metaphysics.

The copy of its own transcript was corrected, however, counter-checked by other listeners and Bonaventure both itself and by others has been written off.

Collationes in Hexaemeron – Wikipedia

Bonaventure in Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy. Four visions are executed at the factory, the last three are named in the notes again as a theme. There they will be blessed and free of hun- ger, thirst, and all harm.

What we see in the Collationes is to some degree polemical, but much more as well.

St. Bonaventure’s “Collationes in Hexaemeron” and the Joachite controversy

Please help us clarify the article. So here we have an exegetical form filled with some common scho- lastic tropes: It is no betrayal of the unity of a system to look for the ways in which this system is applied, adjusted, presented, argued in hexaemerom particular time and a particular place. This version of the A Reportatio not based on this first, by Bonaventura accepted as a model specimen, but on a book of anonymous coollationes some time thereafter received the Order of the province of Alemannia Provincial Superior, a Brother Konrad, and then from memory again revised, without, as he affirmed, adding its own, unless extensions in the designs of the logic of Aristotleand evidence of the localities cited authorities.


Dietrich Coelde Verlag, He claimed that the rise of scholasticism was a sign that the age of the Son was about to end and predicted two new orders of preaching monks who would usher in the age of the Holy Spirit.

In the Collationes, Bonaventure is concerned less with winning an argument than with showing a way; thus, much of his presentation will be difficult to digest into discreet proposi- tional truths possessed of some universal rationality. White – – American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 85 1: Only recently two more manuscripts were rediscovered, which are not yet considered by this critical issue: Emery and Jordan are able to illuminate the text in some remarkable ways through their interpretation, but such a view tends to focus on the textuality of the Collations, whereas I think their orality as performed discourse is essential to beginning to understand their method and their effect.

In brief, my argument is as follows: But as such, it invites the audience to strain their ears to listen for such resonances in their own acts of under- standing.


Request removal from index. When you eat the fruit of the tree, you will be like God Therefore: Bonaventure in Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy categorize this paper.

As part of the synkrisis, the contrasting of alternative perspectives or forms of life, Bonaventure in- cludes discussion of Aristotle, philosophy, Averroism, the mendicant pov- erty controversy, and even, perhaps, a tacit argument with his Franciscan confrere Roger Bacon on the proper role of the liberal arts and experi- collaationes sciences, but these polemical comments are taken up into a larger and more vital goal.

Since the Apostles were men of this type, they were filled with the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost. Christ the Center in Collation I: In essence, it is a theological introduction to Christianity, the Order and collatiojes Church.

Ratzinger came to St. Oka, Abbaye cistercienne Notre-Dame-du-Lac coll.

Several consequences follow from this heuristic vision of the Colla- tiones. That is, he says what he may do, and above all what he wills to do.

Protreptic discourse is fundamentally performative. John Perry – – In Debra J. Our ha- bitual practice as modern readers when confronted with oral forms of presentation and questions of the relation between form and content, audience, etc.