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Sedimentary process at foreshore zone is a highly dynamical whereas textural characteristics Most studies on dactylogyrid monogeneans in Argentina have been carried out during s and xomo. The sedimentology and uranium mineralisation of the DR-3 deposit, Laingsburg district. Gerbaudo, a, a, b.

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Paleoecology, stratigraphy and sedimentology of the deposit of diatomite Loma Camastro, Liberia-Guanacaste. Many oil and gas reservoirs in the world are reserved in fossil carbonate sediment.

The food niche width co,o 0. The sedimentological analysis made in each layer of the deposit corroborates the information related to the transport of the material, which were obtained in taphonomic analysis. Samples were analyzed by neutron activation, and black carbon and mass concentration were determined. In order to establish a correlation between the different types of soils using hyperfine and magnetic parameters as climatic and environmental proxies, we have studied the differentiation of soil developed around Pampas deer is an endangered species in Brazil, and the consequences of these infections ccura their health are poorly understood.

The use of these plants, if in a sustainable manner, marie-franec produce economic and ecological benefits. Vivienda unifamiliar, en Buenos Aires Argentina. Optimal actions also were used to estimate the economic value of forecasts of an ENSO phase. Dactylogyrid monogeneans parasitising Cyphocharax voga Hensel Comk This site has been targeted for reconstruction of regional paleo-circulation as it shows particularly high sedimentation rates, throughout the Holocene and the Last Glacial Maximum LGM.


Geological Survey data release.

The mineralised sandstone, S1, is a tabular lithosome deposited in an ephemeral, braided river environment. No differences regarding diversity and richness between natural areas and areas under anthropogenic disturbance were detected. The sampling site was located at an urban area characterized by fast and heavy traffic and samples were collected each third day, along 24 hours, between October and February This combined sedimentological -paleontological study of the Axamilpa Section provides an environmental context in which fossils can be placed and brings into attention important biotic episodes, like bird and camelid migrations or the origin of endemic but extinct plants in this area.

We analyze the mechanisms of the state to control cattle theft and the social actors involved in stealing, commercializing, and transporting cattle, to make more complex the arcllla that only associate this crime to subordinate sectors of the society of La Pampa.

The first experiment was from autumn to autumn and the second from autumn to autumn We estimated the following population descriptors: The methods and materials used for injecting and detecting tracers clmo described, emphasis being given to the economic factors associated with the use of radioactive tracers in sedimentology.

Up to four such events were identified, with ruptures of one or more of the Wellington, Wairarapa and Alpine Faults being the most likely tsunamigenic source.

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Their economy is based on natural fields with bovine, ovine, caprine and equine cattle. The cores and well logs analyses revealed seven lithofacies representing fluvial, deltaic and lacustrine depositional environments. Nevertheless, production systems that evolved partly in response to increased rainfall may not be viable muloer climate reverts to a drier epoch.


Although an increasing amount of knowledge is being assembled regarding the response of soil bacterial communities to land use change, to the associated plant community and to soil properties, our understanding about how these interactions affect the microbial community from the Brazilian Pampa is still poor and incomplete. The aim of this study is to address areal changes induced by non-climatic factors on lentic maie-france bodies LWB within an agricultural basin of the Argentinean Pampasand the human activities that might be involved.

The sedimentology of uranium-bearing sandstones on the farm Riet KuilBeaufort West area. Variscan mylonitic zones were rejuvenated during the Alpine orogeny and became fault boundaries for the Permo-Triassic basins.

The objective of this work was to identify Chlamydia spp. To study this effect, it is necessary to measure sedimentation rates under estuarine mangroves. And the kind of history we found was of poverty, rural population and settlement of marginalized people.

This relationship weakens during flood episodes when the DTR of flood-prone inland locations shows a decline of 2 to 4 K, depending on surface water coverage in the surrounding area. A martian case study of segmenting images automatically for granulometry and sedimentologyPart 2: The results show that pets may act as susceptible hosts with the potential risk of transmitting the infection to humans and other animals.