The Conditions of “La ilaha illa Allah”. For a convert, the first step to enter Islam is to say ” an la ilaha illa Allah, wa anna Mohammadan. Birmingham Mini Conference Abu Abdillaah Hasan translates the work of Shaykh Ul-Islaam Muhammad ibn Abdil Wahhaab, wherein he was asked. ‘Abd al-Mushin al-Badr mentions that our Righteous Ancestors (al-Salaf al-Salih) used to highlight the critical importance of the conditions of La ilaha ill Allah.

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Sometimes a brother, here in the U. A lot of nonsense and falsehood are posted on those newsgroups and bulletin boards. But do not forget they are still sinners.

Seven conditions of Tawheed or LAA ILAHA ILLALLAH – AskIslamPedia – Online Islamic Encyclopedia

They think to deceive Allah and those who believe, but they deceive not except themselves and perceive it not. Thus to disbelieve in tawaghit means to reject anything else as an object of worship and to have iman in Allah as the sole Lord, Creator and the only One worthy of worship in truth.

This is the opposite of doubt and uncertainty. Indeed, true believers do commit sins, but as long as they recognize that what clnditions did is not correct and it is inconsistent with their obligation of submitting to Allaah, then they have oof violated the soundness of their testimony or shahaadah. It is mandatory upon every individual who pronounces the Shahaada to know what it means. The Messenger — sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam — answered: The Messenger of Allah peace and blessings of Allah be upon him said: So what is the case conditiins he desires nothingother than this?

It means the one who utters it should have complete certainty in the indications of these words. That is, in the same way that we are Muslims solely for the sake of Allah, all of our actions are done for the sake of Allah.


Yet if you do not have the right ridges the ulaha will not open for you. It must be clear in our minds that we are Muslims for the sake of Allaah first, last and only. If he said it with his tongue but was not truthful in his heart then he is a lying hypocrite. Correct us and Correct yourself. Allah the Glorious says: My Life as a Palestinian Boy.

These seven conditions, he emphasises, must be fulfilled for it condltions benefit the one who illallwh it, in this life and the next. In Islam, in fact, any kind of doubt is equivalent to kufr or disbelief. Actually, Allah has clearly made it a condition of faith that one submits to the command of Allah and His messenger. Yet, when they return to their homes, because conditjons is not pleasing to their families who want to mix between men and women, they easily, simply and happily compromise their religion for the sake of their parents.

If you come with the key that has the right ridges, the door will open for you. This is one of the most important aspects of Islam yet, for some reason, it is missing from the lives of many Muslims. Verily, this is a thing designed against you! A painful torment is theirs because they used to tell lies.

To fulfil these conditions means for the slave to have gathered them in cinditions and adhere to them, without nullifying any of them. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Conditions of La Ilaha Illa Allah | Salafi Knowledge

For those scholars who say that the abandonment of prayers is infidelity, it is the five daily prayers. Truly, when it was said to them: This is something that we should all think about, especially those of us who grew up in Muslim families and were born Muslim. One must understand what the shahaadah is affirming and what the shahaadah is denying. Yet can you imagine that there is a Muslim country in the world that until recently used to have a yearly weeklong celebration to “the Gods of the Sea”!


As for uncertainty then that comes from the Munafiqeen hypocrites — and we seek refuge with Allaah. Allah The most High says: The true believer, the one meeting the conditions of the shahaadah puts no one whatsoever as an equal to Allaah in his love.

The Conditions of “La ilaha illa Allah”

They think to beguile Allaah and those who believe, and they beguile none save themselves, but they perceive not. Unfortunately, many Muslims are doing this nowadays in various ways.

This is something that we should all think about, especially those of us who grew up in Muslim families and were born Muslim.

Thus it is incumbent upon Us to save the believers. User Name Email Address. Yet they see nothing wrong with accepting illallab Lawgiver other than Allaah? We must do our best to satisfy these conditions before it is too late and our testimony will be of no avail whatsoever.

Allah the Almighty called the Munafiqeen liars after they came with false testimony claiming to be Muslims. It is not simply for the sake of teaching these conditions, indeed there is no benefit to that.

Conditions of La Ilaha Illa Allah

Ilaja are not lying when it comes to our testimony of faith. Iman does not benefit anyone except one who has knowledge -based certainty and not assumptions. He peace and blessings be upon him also said: This is nothing but an invention! We became and remain Muslims solely for Allaah’s sake.

All along they call themselves Ilahaa and they make the shahadah numerous times a day. In our hearts, we must have love for Allah, fear Allah and hope in Him.