Documents Similar To CONPLAN Bernard Connolly Europe. Uploaded by. Zerohedge. Clinton Foundation Audited Financials Uploaded by. On the website of the U.S. Strategic Command, you can find CONPLAN , a detailed plan for “counter-zombie dominance” prepared by. contents of CONPLAN This is due to the fact that entries related to your request were located on both TOP SECRET and SECRET.

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Are You Prepared for a Zombie Apocalypse? The U.S. Government Is

My first reaction is that I’m so incredibly proud of our military. As they note–it’s funny and entertaining. Unlike the plan issued by the CDC a couple years back, this is not a survival guide for the masses.

Death of migrants at border ‘unacceptable, un-American’: Instead, Conplan is a five-phase military strategy for restoring order after the outbreak. Fast-moving storm will bring rain to Northeast on New Year’s Eve. Said another way, by failing to engage in any sort of pre-event planning, our chances of mounting an adequate response diminish in equal–but inverse–proportion to the impact and magnitude cnplan the event. These are Barack Obama’s favorite books, movies and music of Even though a 6th grader could probably grasp the underlying metaphor for “terrorist” and novel “pathogenic threat,” by using humor and a threat characterization that has become a familiar to the vast portion of the American public mainly through those totally gross television series about the walking deadthey have removed real fear from the equation and probably without the less sophisticated reader understanding it they’ve walked those who xonplan it couldn’t resist my own metaphor!

BTW, you really do have to check the part about the Chicken Zombie Newer Post Older Post Home.

Marghella on CONPLAN , “Counter Zombie Dominance” | Pietro Marghella –

The plan also very clearly demonstrates that the co-mingled efforts of planning and response are multi- or even hyper-dimensional efforts, where no single silo of a critical infrastructure sector–or, in the case of this particular scenario, society itself–could work in conplaj vacuum and possibly hope to achieve success. John Pike, an expert on defense, space and intelligence policy and the director of GlobalSecurity.


The military has understood this almost intuitively for as long as they have done operational planning, but it is a concept that has eluded us in the domestic environment.

I think the Space Zombie and Chicken Zombie are cconplan favorite Some say they just want their jobs back. In France, protests planned amid New Year’s Eve celebrations. Yet, the threat was a known and familiar one. Government may–or, hmm, may not–have to come riding in to the rescue when the monsters appear on the horizon.

Log In Sign Up. Maisel’ is more than just attire. Related Past Post XRef: So in the case of an invading horde of unknown conpan beings, zombies seem to be fair game.

Food aid stolen as Yemen starves. So, how does this compare with what they did with this plan? That is, the only way we are going to change our posture of preparedness is by understanding that each and every one of us has to embrace the zombie i. While the scenario may seem fantastic, what the reader is left with when he or she is done is a better grasp of this notion of threat having the chance to affect us all, and that only by beginning to plan at the personal level, at the home level, at the community level, etc.

As it turns out, laws prohibiting military violence, both domestically and internationally, are only geared towards human and animal life. Trump immoral, doesn’t tell the truth: This effort is like a “knowledge force multiplier” on the issues of planning, crisis response, and asymmetrical threat. About Me Greg Duncan. As the practitioner moves within what is referred to as the “dynamic sphere,” he simply directs the energy of the attack in exactly the direction it was already going.

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Are You Prepared for a Zombie Apocalypse? The U.S. Government Is – HISTORY

They would aim and fire at the adversary. Failed GOP candidate known for ‘deportation bus’ charged with insurance fraud. Kim Jong Un expected to ring in with big policy speech. You engage the threat through clever metaphor; pull, then push it in the direction you can control; take the thinking about the threat out of the black world of clandestine ops and into the main of ocnplan and engage the common citizen in the process of improving his or her own posture of preparedness right down to the most base and micropolitan level of our society.


What we should know–and what this plan suggests–is that one way or another we have to embrace readiness at a very personal level if we’re going to have any hope of getting through whatever the next big event is going to be. Trump laments he’s getting bad press for US exit from Syria.

‘CONPLAN 8888’: The US Government Plan To Fend Off The Zombie Apocalypse

But since the attacker doesn’t expect this–he expects force will be met with reciprocal force–he effectively gives his balance away, and in doing so loses the engagement. Outgoing defense secretary urges complan to stay focused. So, what do you do? US borders ‘pushed to a breaking point’: New Dem caucus chair. We don’t know what we might be hit with chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, or high explosive kinetic energy weapons ripping into tall buildings–who can tell? Other stuff I’m doing We have none of that now.

We’re still not over the crazy hair, nail and makeup trends of There is no getting around that anymore. With roving zombies as the target in these fake scenarios, rather than enemies in real-life potential hotspots like Tunisia or Nigeria, there was a much smaller risk of the plan being taken seriously—or ruffling diplomatic feathers.

Kim Jong Un reaffirms commitment to denuclearization in letter to South Korea. So there you go. Once secret, now closed UFO program confirmed complan Pentagon.

Trump’s wall pledge may not get expected results. Twice a week we compile our most fascinating features and deliver them straight to you.