Cosmologies of capitalism: The trans-Pacific sector of the world system ( Proceedings of the British Academy. [Offprint]) [Marshall David Sahlins] on Tales of Physics and Cosmographies of Capitalism Chineses zodiac as by Marshall Sahlins’s (, ) essay “Cosmologies of Capitalism. Le Débat /1. you’re reading. Cosmologies of Capitalism The “World-System” as Seen From the Pacific. by Marshall Sahlins By the same author. Shortcuts.

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Cosmographic considerations must be taken into account here. No keywords specified fix it.

Cosmologies of Capitalism – Marshall Sahlins – Google Books

Request removal from index. At that time, its classificatory ambiguity and multiplicity did not seem to raise eyebrows. Meeting the Universe Halfway: This entry has no external links.

In Proceedings of the British Academy, Volume Tracing a barely secularized genealogy of rationality beginning with Saint Augustine and continuing through Hobbes, Locke, Adam Smith, and the Enlightenment philosophesSahlins gestures toward a history of rationalization as applied to the social and social capitlaism that constitute worlds and lives.

Sahlons Physics and the Entanglement of Matter and Meaning. What was it exactly—a ram? The quest for law, order, and rationality arises out of the aesthetic impulse, which Boas suggests slyly, I think must have risen out of an earlier desire to find law and regularity in a confusing world. From the Proceedings of the British Academy, Vol.


Tales of Physics and Cosmographies of Capitalism

Capitalim in the hub of romance, the impending Feast of Saint Valentine gave way to another festivity. At the heart of the festival of zodiac controversy in the heady world of capitalism are not goats or sheep, but phenomena all the way down, up, and sideways. Helen Gardner – – Proceedings of the British Academy Sign in to use this feature. No one knew for sure which specific animal to reference, but many took notice of the confusion. History of Western Philosophy.

Tales of Physics and Cosmographies of Capitalism — Cultural Anthropology

Gillian Beer – – Proceedings of the British Academy: Jonathan Berger – – Proceedings of the British Academy: Price – – Philosophy 18 This, of course, requires rethinking critically what a phenomenon is in the first place. No categories specified categorize this paper.

Monthly downloads Sorry, there are not enough data points to plot this chart. Proof of an External World.

Price – – Philosophy 21 This same zodiac is, after all, part of the lunisolar fosmologies system that the Qing emperors used to constitute the world, albeit only after the system had been reformed with the help of a group of Jesuits who were themselves caught up in post-Tychonic cosmic controversies. As I walked past the luxury gift shops in saulins departure section a few days later, I noticed displays of red lanterns, gold dragons, lavish money trees, and the zodiac symbol for the year of the.


This article has no associated abstract. If anything, I intend exactly the opposite.

Cosmologies of Capitalism: The Trans-Pacific Sector of ‘The World System’

Such interpretations reify rationalist models of economic encounter in which interests are presumed to be exclusively market-based, and culture is something to be accounted for in order to most efficiently and effectively pursue these interests.

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Chambers – – Proceedings of the British Academy Mervyn King – – Proceedings of the British Academy: The concept of cosmography is not new to anthropologists. There is more at play in the seemingly innocuous controversy over the gender, kinship, and taxonomy of yang than what can be explained as cultural expressions of economic interest or logic, alternative orders capitalosm nature, or other ontologies on their own.

Henriette Hertz Trust of the British Academy. British Academy Law Lecture. Quoting Goethe a true champion of the Enlightenment! Annual Lecture on a Master Mind: VolumeLectures I imagine what a cosmography of capitalism might look like then—one that is committed to phenomena, actions, and events rather than overarching rationalizations that reorder and defuse all cosnologies, disorder, and confusion by treating them as mere translations and accountings.