Crokinole rules, scoring, setup and even optional rules compiled and composed by Crokinole Depot. Rules of Crokinole. For Competitive Play. Basic Rules of Play. 1) Getting Ready a ) Aplayerorteam’sinitial orderofplay,colourofdiscs,andseatingposition,shall. OFFICIAL CROKINOLE RULES **All participants are encouraged to read these rules carefully. Playing Guidelines The object of the game is to shoot your disc.

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Archived from the original on 6 September The crokino,e is played to 50,or more points, as determined by all players in advance. In singles play 2 players opponents sit on opposite sides of the board and each have different colour of discs.

The rules of games in italics are standardized by international sanctioning bodies. The NCA Tour includes both doubles and singles events. Cdokinole no time may any part of the body, except the feet, touch the floor. A shooting disc cannot be placed on the board until it is your turn.

At the close of tabulation the scorecard is given back to the owner for verification before moving to the next game. The qualifying round is played in a large randomly determined competition. Zero points for a loss. For any round where no discs are shot before time expires, fules teams will record a zero for that round.


Rules — Crokinole Craft

Play progresses clockwise around the board. Carom billiards Three-cushion individual team artistic five-pin English rues amateurs Crokinole Pocket billiards eight-ball nine-ball ten-ball straight pool Snooker six-red women amateurs.

This includes no tipping of the chair. Retrieved 31 December Photo Galleries Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

World-class quality crokinole boards, handmade in Big Bay, Ontario.

If a tie still exists, a shoot out will be conducted. Your non-played discs are to be kept outside of the board on the corner of the table. A game will be played until one team scores a predetermined amount of points. A disc touching the line of a dividing circle is counted at a lower value.

Retrieved from ” https: Once your hand is in a shooting position and the disc leaves your finger or cue, a shot is judged to have taken place. Crokinole is most commonly played by two players, or by four players in teams of two, with partners sitting across the board from each other. A round ends when all players have shot the designated number of discs.

Discs that touch the lines separating each circle are counted at crokonole value of the lesser circle. Neither the board, nor the seats of the players may be moved during the game. Careless or deliberate contravention of the rules may result in the forfeiture of a round or a game crkinole possible disqualification from the tournament.


A board game similar to crokinole was patented on 20 April by Joshua K. Tavistock was chosen as the host city because it was the home of Eckhardt Wettlaufer, the maker of the earliest known board.

Scorecards are handed to the opponent before the beginning of play for the game. This page was last edited on 25 Decemberat The outer ring of the board is divided into four quadrants.

With 4 players, the play is progressive or clockwise. List of world sports championships. Scorecard must be completed legibly in ink.

World Crokinole Championship

Strict timing for the games must be observed. Any corrections made on your score card must be initialled by a referee. National Library of Canada. Two discs of opposite colour counting the same value, cancel each other. Damage Rule An out-of-bounds disc that re-enters the playing surface must be removed from play. Retrieved 17 June A championship match will be played best two out of three games in order to establish a winner.