CS MOBILE AND PERVASIVE COMPUTING. YEAR & SEM: IV & VII Jochen Burkhardt, Pervasive Computing: Technology and Architecture of Mobile. Internet Applications .. Write notes on wireless sessions protocol. 4. Discuss about. The fourth Year,seventh semester Anna University notes for Mobile And Pervasive Computing (Subject Code: CS) is made available. CSMOBILE AND PERVASIVE COMPUTING 4) Explain the various applications of mobile computing. . Write notes on wireless sessions protocol. 4.

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What are the advantages of selective retransmission mlbile What are the disadvantages of selective retransmission approach?

What are the sub layers of physical layer in The Dynamic host configuration protocol DHCP is mainly used for the simplification of installation and maintenance of networked computers. Explain the fields of IEEE Explain a digital video broadcasting scenario.

The primary goal of the standard was the specifications of a simple and robust WLAN mobil offers time bounded and asynchronous services. What are the problem of proactive routing?

What are the three basic access mechanisms of IEEE Polling is perbasive strictly centralized scheme with one master station and several Slave station.

UDP on the other hand provides a connectionless and unreliable datagram service. This library provides many function for handling URLs with the syntax defined inn fielding.


Implementation for intermittently connected devices.

Explain the handover scenarios of HiperLAN2 in detail. It is a term used in wireless communications to denote the matching of the modulation, coding and other signal and protocol parameters to the conditions on the radio pervaslve.

Academics &Innovations: CS MOBILE AND PERVASIVE COMPUTING (2 Marks with Answers)

For pervasige with the user, this library has been defined. They have to be connected to the services and applications through internet. Regular connections to synchronize data.

Define foot print with respect to satellite systems. Substantiate your answers with suitable examples. Specific routes to end-systems.


State two service primitives offers MAC layer, for data transfer. A transaction is defined as a request with its response. Pervasive devices cannot be used in stand alone mode.

The main security features offered by Bluetooth include a. If they are the same, the VLR accepts the subscriber, otherwise the subscriber is rejected. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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What is distance vector routing? Anonymous 12 November at C2s402 to the acknowledgement mechanism it may happen that frames are duplicated. It is useful in.


What is Ad hoc networks? A piconet is the type of connection that is formed between two or more Bluetooth-enabled devices, one device takes the role of ‘master’, and all other devices assume a ‘slave’ role for synchronization reasons. What are the main security mohile offered by Bluetooth? FEC adds redundancy to user computig, thus allowing for the detection and correction of selected errors. Pervasive computing devices are completely connected and constantly available.

The sender now retransmits the missing packets before the time expires. This library provides several function typical for the browser. Three possible transmission technologies used in WLANs are:. The products are connected to the internet and the data generate is easily available.


What are the problems related to the use of DHCP? What is station and access point? State the features of I-TCP. The DHCP server should be located in the sub net of the access point of the mobile node. Implementation for synchronized devices.