Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Adult/High School-Iselle, the royesse The Curse of Chalion – Kindle edition by Lois McMaster Bujold. The Curse of Chalion, written by Lois McMaster Bujold and published by HarperCollins Publishers in was the first book of the World of the Five Gods . The Curse of Chalion introduces us to Lupe de Cazaril, the scion of a noble family of the titular kingdom. War blights the landscape. Nearby Ibra is wracked by.

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Time of Isolation Vordarian’s Pretendership.

Under his tutelage his royal charge, Iselle, grows into her role and really shines. Dec 27, Mayim de Vries rated it it was amazing. At the start of this book Cazaril is a broken man, trudging alone down the road he is scorned by passers-by. The Curse of Chalion is a story told from the margins of a great power play. Really three and a half stars.

Last week one morning, I woke up with my face feeling stuffed and itchy, eyes watering, and my temperature vacillating between slightly hot and feverish. The work that went into researching medieval Spain sows, as does theincrediblemimagination that went into turning the story into its own consistent telling rather than fo a metaphor.

After finishing the book I glance idly at the “About the Author” blurb cufse the inside back jacket and it says that people often compare her to Jane Austen.

Betriz is a likeable romance option for Cazaril but I never really felt that she was a strong cursee on her own merits. Indeed, it’s nearly spiritual in all the divine revelations. And if from his heart, then from the world as well….


Inventing all-too-similar terms like roya, royina, royse and royesse is just downright confusing. Anyway, nobody writes as well in diplomacy as Lois Mcmaster Bujold. I hope the rest of the series lives up to its This is top notch quality fantasy.

The story itself wasn’t particularly engaging. And if the titles are bad, the character names are worse: All in all I loved this one!

The Curse of Chalion

Indeed, Cazaril’s act of magic to save Iselle, involving both death and resurrection, is brazenly Christ-like. Here the “curse” or “broken blessing” that became a curse is corrected by dy Cazaril allowing the gods to use him, to allow himself to be sacrificed and become a sort of gate the gods can use to get into the world and correct the “screw-up”.

There are a few fantastical elements that are well placed, making it an epic fantasy filled with divine miracles more than magical ones. As part of an attempt to force her agreement to the marriage, he threatens to rape her until she becomes pregnant; she responds by praying for his or her death, she doesn’t care which.

He could have been given depth and shown as a good man who was corrupted into making bad decisions similar to Logain in Dragonage but instead the opportunity to give him some redeeming qualities was passed up and he remained a 2-D villain. Cazaril does care which; he decides to attempt death magic, so he gives it a try in Fonsa ‘s Tower, an abandoned tower where death magic succeeded years before against chalioj Golden Generalcurrently given over to a flock of crows. Sin duda, una gran aventura.


A decorated soldier, his betrayal and imprisonment left him a shattered husk at the beginning of this novel. I found interest in the way it and the magic system here is tied in to the religion and the gods involved. Soon Cazaril finds himself a welcome and valued member of the household, eventually appointed to be the personal secretary-tutor to the Dowager’s granddaughter, the Royesse Iselle.

In addition to lovely prose, Ms Bujold created a cohort of engaging characters. But a thousand blessings for books like these that make me un-feel discomfort. Bujold’s clean, smooth witty prose with a touch of Jack Vance-esque floweriness always keep me afloat.

We see that the politics and diplomacy have a great weight. View all 4 comments.

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It’s difficult and painful and horrible, but even in his darkest despair, he still managed to keep being wise, even in his several self-sacrifices? I will tantalize you by saying only that it has something to do with chalioj he learned after his punishment as a galley slave when he tried to save a boy from abuse: The result is nothing like what Cazaril expects — he remains chaljon, but Dondo is dead. First, though, let me make an important disclaimer: