Curtis “Cocky” Warren is a category A prisoner, defined as someone “whose escape would be highly dangerous to the public, or the police or. Curtis Warren (right) is, by some distance, Britain’s most notorious of his nickname – Cocky – which he acquired because of his swaggering. Curtis “Cocky” Warren was one of Britains biggest and richest drugtrafickers. Worth an estimated million British pounds. Unlike most other.

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When he gets out codky wants to go abroad — something the SCPO will severely restrict. As years passed by Warren got richer and richer and into bigger and bigger deals. And as authorities continued their search the man who knew where the treasure was buried was serving his 12 year sentence in the maximum security prison Nieuw Vosseveld in Vught, Holland, and he wasn’t planning on telling them anything cirtis his golden stash.

British Boss: Curtis Warren – Gangsters Inc. –

Yelling ckrtis at Warren, Guclu walked towards him warrren tried to punch him in the face. While Warren walked around quietly inmate Cemal Guclu started yelling abuse at Warren.

Warren grew up in the Granby district of Toxteth. For whatever reason he kept on going, setting up more and more drugdeals and making more and more money. Refused a passport by the British, Irish and Portuguese governments, the UK’s Serious Organised Crime Agency then followed Warren’s every move as part of a “lifetime offender management” programme, under the curhis Operation Floss. All looked set but a wonder was about to happen, two detectives revealed that Charrington was a police informer.

It seemed Warren’s criminal career was over and that he darren going away to prison for a very long time. They had made a deal that the coke would be shipped in steel boxes sealed inside lead ingots, this way they could not X ray the shipment and opening it up would take a lot of effort. Perishers Perishers – 1st January Perishers originally ran from to Those five weeks of freedom came in the summer ofwhen he was released from warrdn Dutch jail after serving part of a year sentence for importing kg of cocaine into Holland from Venezuela, and for the possession of MDMA, 1,kg of cannabis, guns, three hand grenades and canisters of CS gas — with extra time added after he killed a fellow prisoner in a jailyard fight.


It’s like last time I was arrested in Holland they said I was in bed with a prostitute. After leaving Holland in JuneWarren began spending a lot of time in Jersey, ostensibly to visit his new girlfriend. Warren insists he has no money left but authorities believe he has millions of pounds squirrelled away cuetis a murky web of hidden assets around the globe. Retrieved 15 December From this they discovered that a friend of Warren, John Welsh, intended to travel to Amsterdam to meet with known Warren associate, Moroccan Mohammed Liazid, Jersey Police wanted to bug Welsh’s hire car from St Malobut were refused permission by French and Belgian police, saying it was a breach of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Several of the members of his organization were arrested that same coccky. He had it all in his mind, a photographic memory.

He won the argument and within a week I was on a plane to Jersey to meet Interpol’s former target one himself. Explosions at huge tower block blaze The blaze broke out at the Strachan and Henshaw Building in Fishponds, Bristol – known locally as The Office which holds parties for swingers. Cheryl Cheryl shares rare pictures of Bear as she looks back on – but Liam Payne doesn’t feature Cheryl was looking back on her and gave fans a rare insight into her private life, including Bear’s birthday party!

But cyrtis authorities still believe he is a dangerous man — last month, after Warren accepted a Serious Crime Prevention Order SCPO at the high courtthe outgoing director of public prosecutions, Keir Starmer, said there were “very real grounds to believe that without this order being made, Curtis Warren would continue to coky involved cuurtis serious crime”.

My sister’s been to university, brother used to play chess ccocky Wales, sister’s got a degree in maths, physics and statistics. Fire Bristol Office ‘swingers club’ fire: Grieve gave him short shrift, and Warren asserted his right to stay silent once more.

However, in preliminary court procedures, it was revealed by police that Charrington was a police informant for the North-East Regional Crime Squad. Having let the shipment pass, they were later informed by Dutch police that the drugs were held in the steel boxes; by which time Charrington, Warren and wargen shipment were untraceable. A bouncer had the power to let the dealers and the drugs in or out, Warren realised this could be very good business.


He was sentenced on 3 December to 13 years imprisonment for his part in the plot. Royal Family Younger royals criticised for performing fewer public engagements in than their elderly relatives.

Curtis Warren

He was able to control dealers’ access and then befriend them, giving him an inside education. If the Jersey authorities get their way and add another 10 years to his sentence, I could be waiting a long, long time. If it’s true, write it all day, but if it’s not true, don’t print it.

Warren, nicknamed the Cocky Watchman for his chutzpah and erstwhile talent for sniffing out surveillance, has warden been idle during his latest spell of incarceration.

But I would like to think if you were to cock time with me in a normal setting you would see that I’m not some animal, some bully or whatever. Evading the punch, a short fight ensued, during which Guclu fell to the ground, and Warren kicked him in the head 4 times, Guclu wzrren up and again went for Warren and was again punched to the ground. Anthony Barraclough, Warren’s UK barrister, says his client is popular in prison because he, in effect, polices the corridors, cutting out bullying and drug use.

It then transpires he is still smarting from one of his earliest convictions, inwhen he was found guilty of robbing a woman called Pamela Walsh, having been accused of cracking her skull with a shotgun. The chairs are fixed to the floor; so is the low table.

Retrieved 30 April Despite being renowned for having a curhis memory, Warren claims he can’t chrtis how many convictions he has had, dating back to his early teens. After this Guclu tried to get up once more before Warren again kicked him in his head after which Guclu lay motionless in the prison yard, his head a bloody mess Guclu was dead on the spot.