Dancing at Lughnasa. by Brian Friel. Full Length Play, Drama / 3m, 5f. Premiered at Scripts. Dancing at Lughnasa. Acting Edition · Spiralbound · Large. It is and harvest time in County Donegal. In a house just outside the village of Ballybeg live the five Mundy sisters, barely making ends meet, their ages. Attached you will find 6 script cuttings from Dancing at Lughnasa. Choose ONE monologue to prepare for Day One. Men choose to read for Michael (two.

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I saw Michael and Gerry on the motorbike. Look at the cut of me. It becomes clear that he has ” gone native ” and abandoned much of his Catholicism during his time there.

I do beg your pardon. A day like today, you should be running about the fields sxript a young calf. The sisters here will tell ya I’ve been looking for a beautiful black man. You’re not even a real priest.


You could love Uganda, Maggie. They say that about all wars. From these small events spring the cracks that destroy the foundation of the family forever. Maggie and Christina Michael’s mother have no income at all. How is she now? I suppose she looks like a mad lughnass as well.

Do you know how it goes? We must now make our formal farewells. We must do a swap before I go back to Africa.

Dancing at Lughnasa | Samuel French

I have to pay youse off. After working as a teacher in Derry for ten years, he married Anne Morrison and moved to Donegal to begin writing in earnest. Wouldn’t it be a good one if we all went?

He loves me, Kate! I can ride a motorbike. And it obsessed us.

Marcelle MauretteGuy Bolton. You all love him. I don’t believe it. Then don’t go, Daddy.

He wants to take me to a picnic, out at Lough Anna. Then the two of us went up through the back hills. Will you come with me to the dance tonight?


I wish youse better luck than I had. Considerations License details Minimum Fee: Everybody says it’ll be over by Christmas. My mother used to whisper, “Agnes scripr deep. All the women trying to keep house and home together.

Have you taken your medicine yet? This title is currently restricted.

Dancing at Lughnasa (1998) Movie Script

I have to laugh at you, Christina Mundy. We got our first wireless set that summer. I brought shame on this family.