Datta Stavam. Sree ganeshaya namaha!!!! Sree saraswathyaya namaha!!!! Sree padha vallabha narashimha saraswathi Sree guru dattatreyaya namaha!!! 1. Datta Stavam. From Datta stava vivarana CD wherein meaning is explained in Telugu by HH Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji. Sri Ganeśāya namaḥ. Datta Stava is the supreme prayer to Lord Dattatreya, who is the embodiment of the Holy Trinity: Creator, Protector, Destroyer. This series of photos was taken at.

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Jaya laabahah yasah kaamaa, Daathur dattasya yastavam Bhogamoksha pradasyemam,Prapatheth sakruthee bhaveth. Brahmanyam dharma tattvagyam, Bhakta keerthi vivardhanam Bhaktabheesta pradam vande, Smartrugaami sanovatu 6.

He will satisfy with his namasmarana.

What a power of this mantra? I have settled in my life in a good position.

He told at that moment that “how can I forget u Subrahmanyam? Saraanagatha deenarthaa, Paritraana paraayanam Naraayanam vibhum vande, Smartrugaami Sanovatu 4. Shree Guru Dattareya Lotus. You are the person for my current position”.

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The mantra which I recited everyday is “datta stava” which is very powerful and suggested by you data the year of and even now also I am doing. The stotra contains only 9 slokas and one has to chant 9times everyday without fail.


The film was shooted with the directions of Mysore Sachidananda swamiji. Now I am tsavam devotee of Lord Dattatreya. HI Rekha ji can you please mail me datta stavam too. Sosanam paapa pankasya, Deepanam gnaana thejasahah Thaapa prasamanam vande, Smartrugaami sanovatu 7.

So, as the time passes, I joined as a clerk in LIC and no information was there about this friend. Then he told again with full confidence that “this is the result of your suggestion only. This stotra is also having another name as “Jaya Laabhaadhikara Shree Dattastavam”. We can really see, how Dattaguru dqtta a real Naasthika in to Aastika tatva. Datta Stavam mantra will stavqm you and your family with good health,wealth, and peace.


At that they have given full coverage in all newspapers about this stotra. Actually, their forefathers are very sampradayak Brahmins and following traditions etc regularly. Sosanam paapa pankasya, Deepanam gnaana thejasahah Thaapa prasamanam vande, Smartrugaami sanovatu.


Married datfa good and educated, cultured family lady and blessed with children. Even today the devotees who are residing in foreign countries are also continuously doing this stotra and getting boons from Dattaguru.

Then I wan in dilemma, what he is telling Janmasamsaara bhandhagnam, Swaroopaananda daayakam Nissreyasa padam vande, Smartrugaami sanovatu.

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Dattaguru blessings are there on his devotees. It is the special character of this deity i. My email id is alagneeru yahoo.

Sarvaanardha haram devam, Sarva mangala mangalam Sarvaklesa haram vande, Smartrugaami Sanovatu. Kindly can some one provide me a mp3 of the Sri Datta Stava it would be very helpful. Please give me your email id and I shall mail the MP3 to you. Janmasamsaara bhandhagnam, Swaroopaananda daayakam Nissreyasa padam vande, Smartrugaami sanovatu 9. Sarva roga prasamanam,Sarvapeeda nivaaranam Vipadhudharanam vande, Smartrugaami sanovatu.