Synchronicity: the bridge between matter and mind by F. David Peat. Authors; Authors and affiliations. K. V. Laurikainen. K. V. Laurikainen. 1. ch. The problems of the psyche are now interesting people and C.G. Jung is evidently beginning to be understood. David Peat’s book on synchronicity is a new. by F. DAVID PEAT PhD Synchronicities are the jokers in nature’s pack of cards for they refuse to play by the rules and offer a hint that, in our quest for certainty.

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Dec 16, Genndy rated it really liked it. There are many references to others as well in the book.

Check it out and you will be treated to definitions of time, meaning, considering God anew and be reminded of or shown how rational thought surfaced out of the void. In addition to several essays on the topic of synchronicity Peat is now considering a totally new version of his book.

History of Western Philosophy. I think the greatest benefit of the book is that it provides a background and an overview of the concept of synchronicity. Semantic Fields and Meaning: It touches on interesting questions and suggests many interesting ideas, I found the book throught-provoking and well worth the read.


Ideas on Synchronicity – F. David Peat

I awake the next day interpreting the tiger as a symbol of my restrained passion for Pauline, and I head off to class We are in college at this point. This clock contains two discs, mounted at right angles to each other and rotating about a common axis.

The Bridge Between Matter and Mind discusses the history of synchronicity, and the relationship between Jung and the physicist Wolfgang Pauli and attempts to further this liaison between psychology and physics.

Synchronicity, the meaningful coincidence.

The author is a former theoretical physicist, and Wolfgang Pauli was a theoretical physicist, so many other physicists are mentioned in the book, zynchronicity example Werner Heisenberg pp. Todd – – C.

Synchronicity: The Bridge Between Matter and Mind by F. David Peat

Willis Harman – – World Futures 31 2: It’s not until the last chapter, ” Seeking the Source ” pp. Synchronicities sometimes occur when people are in times of crisis or change, in love, engaged in highly creative work or on the verge of a breakdown. Explores synchfonicity physics and psychology of synchronicity and reality in an original way. View all 3 comments.

The book is theoretical and was tough at times a little over my head but the main message was loud and clear, synchronicity by definition is a meaningful coincidence, and peatt science be behind this? This is one of those provocative books that explores our indifference to why things are as they are This entry has no external links.

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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Ornan Rotem – – Asian Philosophy 3 1: What the hell is going on with these few and far between dreams of animals and women I like?!!?!?! Cosmos and Inscape Synchronicity: One night, I dream of both Pauline and I in a weight room along with a tiger—as tigers so often are… in gyms.

Also looks at differences between Eastern and Western paradigms and how both are required to get a full understanding of the universe.

Synchronicity: The Bridge Between Matter and Mind

Jan 04, Sherri Losee rated syncyronicity it was amazing. Gave some rather detailed examples but overall a simple description of some of quantum physics.

For the scientifically trained like myselfthis was a great way to explore the facts vs the fiction. Time, Synchronicity and Evolution. Mar 05, James M. But, I have always had an interest in synchronicity.