UNOFFICIAL DEGEN DE MANUAL. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. DEGENusan. ITIENTIFIED ARTISTI. DE FLANDET/PE. MEER. EERS. 早年 的世r口国. Download DEGEN DE service manual & repair info for electronics experts. addition, I received many letters from DE users with their comments and .. The receiver manual states that the nominal charging current is mA.

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Unlike many scanners that inaccurately display search-discovered frequencies slightly high or low of their actual carrier frequencies, we found the X Sweeper to have an excellent window detector that accurately displays intercepted frequencies to 4 decimal places specified accuracy of Hz.

At night on MW, a station is audible almost every 10 kHz with just the internal antenna.

Using Antenna SW antenna. But this is the price for having the semi-analog dial face where a standard keypad would normally be. Since there is no attenuator, strong signals may be reduced by shortening the antenna or increasing the distance from the signal source.

Reset function will not erase all of the memories except the clock time. It is not a selective, sensitive receiver that can distinguish between closely-spaced, weak or distant signals, nor does the display sweep or refresh quickly enough to show digital bursts, spread spectrum, frequency hopping, pulse, or single-signal waveforms. Also See for DE Operating manual – 6 pages.

Apparently it accomplishes this quick sweep of a vast amount of spectrum through the use of a proprietary comb-generating variablefrequency oscillator, mixing a mmanual number of separate oscillator frequencies simultaneously. I worry the 40 level is high enough to damage the speaker. Build Quality I was impressed with the feel of the cabinet, aluminum front, and ed1103 of the As such, its display shows a single, narrow bar for a near-field signal, and the detector demodulates the strongest usually closest FM sources.

A huge plus was its scroll wheel which tunes in 1 kHz increments, and it was also fairly small. See October Monitoring Times for my comparison of these two sets. One of the s I tried developed a dee1103 tuning shuttle, affecting all jog dial functions.


DEGEN DE1103 Operation Manual

The new Optoelectronics X Sweeper expands technology embodied in a previous Opto product, their Xplorer, offering a continuous frequency range from MHz 3 GHz less cellular except on government modelsand sweeping, acquiring and memorizing active frequencies in that entire range in as little as one second.

The volume control is easily mastered. The supplied telescoping whip enabled reception of two-way base stations from several miles away using the ve1103 function. After setting, press to confirm. Band Meter Band Conversion While I was reading up on this radio which appeared to fulfill my wish list, I noticed it was being sold on eBay mwnual a low price.

Turn jog dial wheel to adjust minutes. The Buttons The direct-entry digit buttons are in one row,beneath the dial face. Pressing Time changes the frequency to the clock momentarily. The backlight can be extinguished to extend battery life during high ambient lighting conditions.

In power off mode, hold down buttonin the meantime Please select high-quality rechargeable batteries. LCD will on when choosing stereo.

DEGEN DE User`s manual |

It has to be done instantaneously with the buttons. I was pleasantly surprised at the performance of these tiny, inexpensive units — ed1103 in African and European stations here on the U.

To get the lights to come on without changing your settings, punch any of the direct entry digit buttons. Not only is the dial face illuminated with an amber glow, but all of the front buttons are, too.

No provision is made for rechargeable batteries to be charged in the X Sweeper — surprising considering the cost of the instrument and manusl presence of such a facility in other, less expensive Opto products.

Slide the battery lid.

Overall, the IF selector works like a charm, and is usually only necessary to separate stations which are 5 kHz apart. Extending the antenna 3. Plug the adaptor into a V AC power outlet. Spectrum analyzers can manually be tuned to various portions of the spectrum to visually display signals and some have audio recovery, but they tend to be large and expensive. Intermediate-frequency IF Selectivity is quite broad nearly kHzdictating that the unit will respond to the strongest and presumably the de1013 signal in its passband.


As you can xe1103, deciding how to set and use your memories can be a confusing business. My normal listening volume is between 8 and 12, 20 at the most to fill the room.

Volume and squelch controls are provided. SSB is stable, and the fine tune dial feels smooth and solid. Tuning Into A Station 3. Through the earphones, manuxl on decent SW signals has rich bass. When running on AC power, with the light switch on, the lights are always on. Further, the meter acts as a manhal level indicator, to show how much charge is left in the cells.

To tune to frequencies outside these bands, you must enter them, or a memory, directly but coverage is complete, from kHz. When you reach the top or bottom of one of these bands, the needle snaps back to the opposite end of the band.


On SW it jumps in 25 kHz steps, so it reads anywhere from exactly on to 24 kHz off. I thought it was clever, but apparently Sony experimented with a similar thing several years ago ICF SW40 maual success. Up to 65, hits are recorded and reported by the memory which also stores frequency, signal strength, and de11103 time and date stamp.

Nothing beats the analog feel for bandscanning, but I still wanted a radio with digital precision for DXing. I always use the wire indoors, though just about all stations come in using the whip. The extreme portability of that set was almost a clincher plus it had a tuning knob, but the PL lacked the same things the YBPE did.

Tuning with the knob is smooth, probably as close to an analog feel as they could get it, with no muting. Got it, continue to print.