Pelleas et Melisande, his only completed opera, does not represent his .. translation itself was not Debussy’s libretto but rather served as the basis for it. Pelléas et Mélisande (Pelléas and Mélisande) is an opera in five acts with music by Claude Debussy. The French libretto was adapted from Maurice. Buy Debussy: Pelleas et Mélisande libretto (Free download) on-line from Testament Records.

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Si vite, si vite Tu ne me verras plus. She tells him she is not happy in the castle but is unable to explain why.

Pelléas et Mélisande (opera) – Wikipedia

Arkel Oui, ma fille Golaud Merci, je n’ai pas soif. Pelleas Si, si, je pars, je partirai demain Melisande Oui, c’est vrai Golaud Tous les deux? Depuis que je t’ai vu Je n’ouvrirai plus les mains cette nuit!

Rather than engaging a librettist to adapt the original play for him as was customaryDebussy chose to set the text directly, making only a number of cuts. J’aurais presque peur de te toucher Il y a une petite tache de sang sur celui-ci.


The young Debussy joined in this enthusiasm for Wagner’s music, making a pilgrimage to the Bayreuth Festival in to see Parsifal and Die Meistersinger and returning in to see Tristan und Isolde. Citing articles via Web of Science 4. Arkel Je n’y vois qu’une grande innocence He also notes that the clock was striking twelve as the ring dropped into the well.

Debussy : Pelléas et Mélisande

Est-ce le soleil qui se couche? Arkel comforts the sobbing Golaud.

Golaud Quell mal vous a-t-on fait? Elle est si loin de nous!

Pelléas et Mélisande

Pelleas Je ne ris pas; ou bien je ris de joie sans le savoir Thank you for correcting me. They embrace passionately, half fearfully, half defiantly, realising that the gates have been shut behind them and that Golaud is waiting in the shadows. Pelleas Il y a toujours un silence extraordinaire He commands her to close them or “I will shut them for a long time. Ils sortent en silence. Yniold tries to lift a boulder to free his golden ball, which is trapped between it and some rocks.


You do not currently have access to this article. Mes deux mains ne peuvent pas les tenir; il y en a jusque sur les branches dy saule Pelleas Tu auras beau regarder Tu dis cela d’une voix qui vient du bout du monde! Non, non, ce n’est pas elle Est-ce vrai ce que tu dis?

Ne me touchez pas! She maintains her innocence in spite of Golaud’s increasingly desperate pleas to her to tell the truth. Ils vont passer ici Melisande Non, non, nous ne la retrouverons plus, nous n’en trouverons pas l’autres non plus Je ne l’ai presque pas entendu!

Golaud Je ne vous touche pas Il y a un vent frais, voyez, frais comme une feuille qui vient de s’ouvrir, sur les petites lames vertes. Melisande Ici, sur le prie-Dieu.