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For comparisons, the ANOVA method will be used for continuous variables and the Chi-square test for categorical variables. Author Contributions PR-R wrote the first draft of the manuscript and revised it and meerano the literature searches of the manuscript.

Evaluators will be blinded to the treatment group allocation throughout the evaluation period.

Neurological, mental and substance use disorders. Assignment of Interventions Allocation After informed consent is obtained, participants are randomly assigned to either the treatment or control group by a researcher, according to a blind research design, using a computer-generated allocation sequence, thus assuring comparable groups on main outcomes. Validation and utility of the patient health defivaciones in verivaciones mental disorders in general hospital Spanish inpatients.

Scores ranging from 1—3, 4—6, and 7—9 indicate, respectively, mild, moderate, or high disability.

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The analysis will help us establish a relationship between treatment cost and effectiveness based on the health care outcomes measured through previously validated questionnaires. All professionals participating in the study agreed to adhere to the Helsinki Declaration and to Spanish law.

The Spanish Burden of Disease CW and LAM assisted with the preparation and proof-reading of the manuscript. One PC center was added to the group of centers in the autonomous community of Valencia. If results are as expected, this may lead to a ferivaciones for a new referral model in Spanish PC centers.

derivaciones de medrano pdf to word

Pre- and post-treatment assessments are to be carried out using computerized self-reported screening tests. Statistical Analysis Analysis of Clinical Effectiveness This study will be conducted on an intention-to-treat basis.


This is a generic QOL instrument consisting of five domains, as follows: The cost of medications will be calculated by determining the price per milligram mg during the study period according to the Vademecum International Vidal,including value-added tax. This study will assess the relationship between cost-effectiveness and cost-utility of these two different treatment approaches.

Direct costs of health care will be estimated by adding the costs derived from medication use antidepressants, hypnotics, sedatives, and kedranomedical tests, use of health-related services, and staffing costs. Patients who discontinue or drop out of treatment will still be invited to complete the post-treatment follow-up assessments, particularly the first post-treatment assessment. The assigned values range from 0 death to 1 perfect health.

The measurement of disability. Author information Article derivacjones Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Also, sub-study 2—a study of the cost-efficiency measures that are conducted in the PC centers in Madrid and Valencia—was presented. To quantify direct costs, the following variables only related to EDs will be registered and assessed: Legal and ethical restrictions make data available upon request and are in accordance with the nature of the data collection.

The authors declare that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest. Diagnostic utility of ECG changes in response to exercise in women with various forms of ischomic heart disease. The maximum score is This center thus becomes a full participant in the trial and the sub-study bring the number of PC centers in sub-study 1—5.

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Interventions Experimental Group The treatment program is included within a collaborative protocol of a stepped-care model of treatment, as recommended by the NICE guidelines. Economic Assessment In this study, our aim was to compare the association between cost-effectiveness and cost-utility of the two treatments. Prevalence of mental disorders in primary care: Common Mental Health Disorders.


The name s of the contact person s to request data are available upon request to all interested researchers. Nine centers located in the Community of Madrid were added to the study. Emotional disorders EDs —especially anxiety, mood, and somatoform disorders—are the most prevalent types of mental disorders in Spain Haro et al.

Total costs of medications will be calculated by multiplying the price per mg by the daily dose mg and the number of days of drug treatment.

This article was submitted to Clinical and Health Psychology, a section of the journal Frontiers in Psychology. This instrument can be used not only as a screening test for GAD, but also for other anxiety disorders. Given this tendency in the Spanish system to prescribe medications, it is not surprising that anxiolytic use in Spain is much higher than in other countries. Cost-Utility Analysis Cost-utility analysis is a method of economic evaluation based on preferences or utilities rated by individuals; in medrrano words, the value that an individual assigns to their health status.

Received May 16; Accepted Feb Conflict of Interest Statement The authors declare mwdrano the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial deribaciones financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest.

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Sensitivity Analysis A sensitivity analysis dr be performed to test the robustness of the cost-effectiveness and cost-utility results. At all post-treatment follow-up assessments, the same instruments will be completed in person at the treating center.

The high use of psychoactive drugs in Spain reflects not only the prevalence of EDs, but also underscores the burden of these illnesses.

CBT is non-invasive at the cognitive level, except with regards to learning or teaching.