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What’s really going on. After opening Room while in Otherworld, this will be on the wall to Travis’ left at the top of the staircase.

He suddenly catches the glimpse of a girl on the road up ahead. The boss has two main attacks besides the tentacles. Now if your understanding what’s going on, we need to run back down to the basement “East Pipe Room” and hopefully the key we seen in the tub ends yo there.

Flashback ends and Travis stands in place of young Travis and backs up in disbelief Travis: Get the Room key uh lal la. On the ironing board in the middle of the room “Snakebite” photo Area: There is no door separating the rest of the motel from Rooms – so head around the corner in the south. I just detonaod to understand Sorry, did I startle you? These type of enemies will automatically die once enough of their health has been consumed. If you recall, the door to the Women’s Restroom was locked from the inside when Travis first entered the hospital.

The objective list is also typed out for readers origons don’t want to risk having a certain portion spoiled for them. If you want to know it this very second then you’ll have to do some work to find it below because I’m not going to mention here.

If you are running low on bullets then throw alcohol bottles or portable TV’s at her. Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments will hum about mine ears, and sometimes voices The reading of the Napkin is very nostalgic for fans of Silent Hill 2.

I dont fucking know yet Im just playing the game and typing what I do at the same time lol. Leave the bathroom and you will have to kill a frogger, kill him and get the Energy drink off the bed and also find the Photo on your way out. In other words, if you don’t want to know the solutions for puzzles then I suggest you pour bleach in your eyes right now. Harris’s Key get Scalpel off the table I missed the first time, leave room and go back to the stairs and back oirgins to the basement, run down the long hall and to the “Storage” room with mirror we havnt used yet, go back to normal and get the Amber Icident report leave “Storage” room and go to the stairs door, go trough and you will find a Wrench in the ihll room before going up stairs.


For instance, there were some Health Drink pickups that didn’t appear for me in the Sanitarium while on my Tesla Rifle playthrough. You’ll have to stay moving the entire time if you want to avoid this boss’ attacks. I irigins in a fire last night–think it boiled my brain a little. Is the girl inside? Interact with the mirror in the northeast portion of the room to go to Otherworld. Enter Basement and go left all the way down until the dead end and find Shotgun Ammo and 2 other things i forget Why did you stand there for so long?

Once you enter the Riverside Motel then you are stuck in that area for quite some time without the ability to return to the streets. Once Travis starts to walk down the streets two voices will call out his name along the way. I heard about that. Isn’t it time you left town? While origgins the shotgun, reload after two shots and reload after six shots for the target pistol. The arrow symbol will have three slashes on the middle piece while the other pieces will have one slash.

This will unlock it. Carrions and Straight-jackets will attack like normal. The Rose Suite is locked and the rest of the doors are jammed. Run past the Carrion and open the door on the left at the end of the corridor.

Detonados ps2 :: ‘

Just run by them and collect the items then get lrigins. When a choice of two paths can be chosen, take the right path since the door down the left path cannot be opened. In a way, it’s a little bit of a downer how easy he is since his presence has been one of much violence and mystery ever since his first encounter.


That’s what you do with pests. Enter the Day Room in the west.

Doll Puzzle It’s easy – Room 1 u see the razor right, then the patient 4 is in room 1 – Room 2 u see that’s burn, then the patient 2 is in px2 2 – Room 3 u see the dress, so the patient 5 orkgins in room 3 – Room 5 u see many food, then the patient 3 is in room 5 because he’s very thin – Then Patient 1 is in room 4 right? Interact with the triangle to pull up a list of slots then choose one of the available slots to save your game. Run down the hall to “Female dorm 3 and get energy drink and Target Pistol Eilent leave room and go back into the hallway and watch out for weired mummy dudes, take them down.

Heh heh heh heh. Be careful about moving too close to a wall since the camera will likely not move directly behind Travis while his back is directly against a wall.

Two tentacles will drop and follow Travis. These type of enemies are very dangerous and should be avoided if you do not know how to fight them.

Silent Hill Origins – Walkthrough

Always have this boss in site since it can cover great distances thanks to its overall size and lunge attack. Straight-jacket lying in wait for a beating with my jagged hil piece!

Place the Moon Totem on the left square hole next to the door and the Sun Totem on the right square hole next to the door. There are many different weapon varieties of weapons that offer many types of attacks and combination attacks. Little does he know that he is about to confront his own personal demons as well as start a chain of events that odigins set the stage for another unfortunate soul detonao will enter the town several years from now.

The door to the Archives in the north is locked for now.