Diary of a Nobody is near perfect as a piece of English comedy, its humor gentle and subtle, its depiction of character, class, time and location flawless. It fixes. : The Diary of a Nobody (): George Grossmith: Books. Aug 26, Channelling a razor-sharp satire through the everyday mishaps of the immortal comic character Mr Pooter, George and Weedon Grossmith’s.

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If you get that it is still relevant and very amusing to read.

Before embarking on his stage career, Weedon had worked as an artist and illustrator. The boy is interested in amateur grkssmith and joins an organisation called the “Holloway Comedians”. Pooter nearly invariably gets the short end of the stick in his interactions with his two neighbors, Cummings and Gowings; his spendthrift, reckless son Lupin; and the various nogody and servants he attempts to bully.

October – Diary of a Nobody 6 17 Oct 23, I never was so immensely tickled by anything I have ever said before. In fact, I am proud to state that all of its undeniable mastery the work of both authors pale by comparison to the one of Mr Pooter of Holloway. I said to myself, never heard of that, is nboody a real book? Matthew’s book, says Green, is amusing, but the Noobdy book is superior; it is “affecting as well as comical, in a way that the Matthew pastiche is not”.

Not sure if I recommend the novel, as it is rather boring, like reading online what a friend had for breakfast, with an accompanying picture, but on the other hand, we like that kind of sharing, don’t we? Who can still laugh at it silently?

The Diary of a Nobody by George Grossmith and Weedon Grossmith

What it pokes fun at still exists in present day society and everyday life though and the subtle, not so subtle, witty and cringe-making elements of its sending up have resurfaced many times over in other comic guises and genre. He then shocks his parents by announcing his engagement.

Inat 17 and 10, they hosted a complex programme of musical and dramatic entertainment in their parents’ garden at Haverstock Hill. His failed attempts at witticisms filled me with joy, for at least I found him funny, if no one else did.


Read it to put a smile on your face. You can dlary it on the beach and expect to crack a few smiles or even, perhaps, a chuckle or dairy. This is my response to this book: Bloggers, Facebookers – who would have thought you had a predecessor grossmjth Victorian England?

The Diary of a Nobody – Wikipedia

The Diary records the daily events in the lives of a London clerk, Charles Pooter, his wife Carrie, his son Lupin, and numerous friends and acquaintances over a period of 15 months. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t make it great, though!

They make or break men. Archived from the original on 10 September This distinguished gentleman – which is to say Mr Charles Pooter – not only mastered his business in the City but knew very well how It is with the uttermost pleasure that I read through the diary of Mr Charles Pooter of Holloway, London. By the by, shall we forget to mention Mr Pooter’s uproarius word jokes? gforge

Just the normal everyday life of a normal everyday man trying to get a leg up in this world. The Diary made its initial appearance as an intermittent serial in the satirical weekly magazine Punch. This book had me in stitches. In a short prologue, readers are informed that Charles Pooter and his wife Caroline Carrie have just moved to a new home at “The Laurels”, Brickfield Terrace, Holloway. Well, what can I say? I like what I like! The character names like Pooter or his friends Cummings and Gowings give you another idea of the Grossmith’s sense of humour.

His son, Lupin – who was born William, but prefers ‘Lupin,’ for reasons never explained – is a kind of ‘ne’r do well,’ always looking for a way to make a fast buck.

The Diary of a Nobody by George Grossmith

Wasn’t the Wodehousian kind with bubbling verve and contrivance nor the Jeromian kind with riotous and extreme slapsticks and engulfing philosophy. Aug 06, Jan-Maat added it Recommends it for: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Diaries of not famous people. He is so proud of his puns that he repeats them to himself and laughs out loud.

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The question will arise, however, as to whether the first sentence needed a tense change, seeing it was written yesterday.

Mr Pooter is a City of London clerk with Perkupps, possibly dlary accountancy or private banking firm though their business is not explicitly stated. He wrote several plays, of which The Night of the Party was his most successful, and from was engaged in the management of two West End theatres.

The Diary of a Nobody

He also contributed illustrations to Punch and the prestigious Art Journal. Sep 25, Edward Higgins rated it it was amazing. If he had a blog, he would count the likes and share “the joke of the day” with all his acquaintances. I remember enjoying it in my late teens or early 20s, but a decade or two later, it was very different. Grossmith’s satire has captured the beginning grossmirh the end for the middle-class Victorian way of life with Pooter and his son.

It is suffice to say that I am utterly delighted to discover that a man of such moral stature and of supremely noble behaviour such as Mr Pooter left his mark in the history of British literature. The couple’s year-old son William works as a bank clerk in Oldham.

It’s about the challenges he faces in his life, detailing georgd in the form of work problems, home improvement, social gatherings, but the humour is dry and slapstick: Impressed, they engaged him to nobod the comic lead in their new, full-length work, The Sorcerer.

Before their collaboration on the Diarythe brothers each pursued successful careers on the stage. From the beginning a pattern is set whereby the small vexations of the Pooters’ daily lives are recounted, many of them arising from Pooter’s unconscious self-importance and pomposity. In that year he was seen by Arthur Sullivan and, separately, by W.