Castle Drachenfels is a ruined fortress located high in the Grey Mountains, which form the border between The Empire and Bretonnia. For centuries the castle. Drachenfels (Warhammer) has ratings and 31 reviews. Mec said: La premessa necessaria è che questo genere non mi piace, quindi parto già un po’ . But what are the chances of Drachenfels ever being in the game? .. even if nagash did “GREAT” things, by warhammer standards,humans are.

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To view it, click here. Hell, ally all three together in a 3 on 3 match. If you want to read about vampires in Warhammer I would advice you to buy this book there is a warhammeg with all novels.


In the beginning of the novel we see Genevieve, Prince Oswald and her band of adventures fighting the Great Enchanter Drachenfels.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The story is told from multiple characters’ perspectives, giving the drachenfles a good feel of what is going on from multiple angles.

He served them wine laced with paralyzing poison, then laid an elaborate feast out in front of them. Then tell him a week later Drachenfels came back and ate the soul of his children.

I first read this as a small child, and it scared the bejeebers out of me — one of my first forays into the dark, twisted world of Warhammer Fantasy. He used his newfound power to continue living.

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Not least of which, because for a book titled The Draachenfels Genevieveshe plays very little role in this first story. This is the first book by Jack Yeovil aka Kim Newman and what a read it was. Ideal length to make it a good, quick and satisfying read.

Castle Drachenfels – Warhammer – Age of Sigmar – Lexicanum

However, the decision to stage it in the apparently abandoned Castle Drachenfels would prove to be a fateful one.

A long time ago 15, years to be exact before the arrival of the Old Ones to the world, there lived a tribe of neanderthal humans by a river during the ice age of the world. Since he tends to completely destroy anything he attacks, the only recorded incidents involving him in history are times that he was beaten or for some reason chose to spare the conquered. Genevieve and the director of the play, Detlef Sierck, were blessed by Sigmar and dealt a killing blow to Drachenfels again.

He established himself at Castle Drachenfelsan all but impregnable fortress high in the Grey Mountainsat an unknown date. Views Read Edit View history. Fan de fantasy et d’aventure.

Written by Kim Newman under a pseudonym, and featuring an alternative reality version of Genevieve from his Anno Dracula books. As would be expected, Drachenfels returned to life during the play and slaughtered a fair number of the audience and cast. Sep 04, C.

Nagash indeed has taken the role of Drachenfels as a mortal undead tied into the backstory of the Empire, who is a threat to every single faction in the game. I read it in my youth while RPG’ing Warhammer Fantasy and warhammee picking up immersive novels for the setting. Old Ones in current canon actually created humanity in its current state. The fortress itself was left intact and transferred to dracgenfels ownership of Oswald.


Drachenfels had a collection of masks to hide his face and paid a certain amount of respect to the gods of Chaos. I picked the book up because it had and interesting cover and was about a female vampire.

Community Forum Discord Server. The Nameless traveled with the also newly resurrected Vlad von Carstein to the Auric Bastiona huge wall to the north of the Empire designed to keep out the forces of Archaon. For other meanings of the word, see Drachenfels disambiguation.

I only realised my bath had gone cold when he came in and told me, “honey, it’s nearly 11, I’m going to bed. And thus was the end warhammer Drachenfels’ return. According to Drachenfels’ own recollections, 15, years ago he was the member of a semi-human tribe “in the time of the rivers of ice, before the toad men came from the stars”.

Kim Newman writing as Jack Yeovil in the Warhammer universe. I occasionally dabbled in the table-top war-game Warhammer fantasyand enjoyed playing the Warhammer RPG, so when I saw this book in my local bookstore, I leapt at the opportunity.