Saddam didn’t have WMDs. That’s not the real news from the Duelfer Report. Testimony of Charles Duelfer. Special Advisor to the DCI for. Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction. Thank you for inviting me to discuss my report with your. Another contentious issue was whether to refer to the Iraq Survey Group “Duelfer report” published in September on Iraq’s WMD programmes. While the.

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Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display Library. This report recorded the relationship of the Iraqi regime with WMD over time and in so doing investigated the decision making process, and underlying assumptions, of the regime.

If you have information about these or other national security challenges, please provide it through our secure online form. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kay’s team established that the Iraqi regime had the production capacity and know-how to produce chemical and biological weaponry if international economic sanctions were lifted, a policy change which was actively being sought by a number of United Nations member states.

Iraq Survey Group – Wikipedia

These people included civilian and military rfport and WMD experts, as well as a large number of people working to provide armed security duelter support. Report Information The United States and its partners continue to face a growing number of global threats and challenges. On 6 FebruaryGeorge W. In late summer and early fall, the WMD search tempo slowed considerably; all of the most promising sites had been exploited in and even most of the unpromising sites had been exploited by fall of The ISG mission was to organize, direct, and apply intelligence capabilities and expertise to discover, capture, exploit and disseminate information on individuals, documents and other media, materials, facilities, networks, and operations relative to Weapons of Mass Destruction WMDTerrorism, Former Regime Intelligence, as well as Iraqi or Third-Country Nationals associated with the Former Regime, detained by the Former Regime, or subjects of Indictment for War Crimes or Crimes against Humanity.


Iraq Survey Group

When you return permanently to the US not on vacation or leaveplease visit the CIA Careers page and apply online for the position of interest.

In March Duelfer added addenda to the original report, covering five topics:. Key to the investigation was lengthy interviewing of all top officials including Saddam, examination of regime documents, and investigations of various sites in Iraq.

Regime Finance and Procurement. Acting as an independent entity outside of the normal chain of command ISG reported directly to Donald Rumsfeldit surveyed and exploited hundreds of possible WMD sites across the breadth of Iraq with very few problems. Now that you know reality on the ground as opposed to what you estimated before, you may reach a different conclusion-—although I must say I actually think what we learned during the inspection made Iraq a more dangerous place, potentially, than, in fact, we thought it was even before the war.

The second was a handful of millimeter rocket warheads filled with inert mustard gas that was recovered near Babylon. Duelferwho stated at the time that the chances of finding any WMD stockpiles in Iraq were “close to nil.

Documents – Duelfer Report

The CIA is particularly interested in information about imminent or planned terrorist attacks. This was shortly followed by the conclusion of a similar inquiry in the United Kingdomthe Butler Reviewwhich was repprt by the two main opposition parties due to disagreements on its scope and independence.


The team said it had found evidence of “WMD-related program activities” but no actual chemicalbiological or nuclear weapons. The mission had been previously abandoned because of security concerns.

The files comprising the PDF edition of this 1,page report are extremely large and, in practice, available only to visitors who have a broadband connection. There were other missions and organizations operating within the ISG which are Top Secret and are unlikely to be declassified anytime soon.

They were later destroyed by ISG personnel. In Januarythe group announced the conclusion of its search. These challenges are international in scope and are priorities for the Central Intelligence Agency.

Duelfer dielfer, was submitted to Congress and the president in Charles Duelfer’s Transmittal Message. Views Read Edit View history. In late the ISG and the MCTs mobile collection teams undertook some counterinsurgency operations, although many details remain classified.

Both were thought to be remainders from the Iran—Iraq Warwhen Iraq was in some sense a US ally, and were useless as offensive weapons. Kay told the SASC during his oral report the following, though: Iraq’s Chemical Warfare Program.

Speicher’s family expressed gratitude that the Defense Department had stayed with the case and that closure was now available.

Complete Table of Contents. Retrieved from ” https: