Ultimately, the Duskblade is not good at much else besides dealing damage, so this guide is mostly optimizing for more damage and some amount of utility. the-duskblade-handbook: A guide for the e Duskblade class. I was reading the Duskblade handbook, and I found some perplexing statements. Can you guys help me out? First, it cites this ridiculous post.

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You are going to get this spell so late that the odds to get one through are minimal.

Alternately, if you play a race that makes you dragonblooded, and you take levels of sorcerer, you can swap having a familiar for getting Draconic Heritage. Like Chain Lightning, probably not worth the trouble.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Excellent, excellent hand books. You can channel, but you also have extra attacks from high BAB.

With that in mind, try to avoid useless feats that are just used to get something better an unrelated example is dodge and mobility for spring attack, while the resulting feat is nice, its requirements are below average or feats that are used to switch your main hndbook ability to dexterity, like two weapon hanndbook and its improved versions or weapon finesse.

Or you can get a fist spell and try Blade of Force only if you need to bypass incorporeality – the damage bonus will be next to nothing at those levels. If retraining is an option and the sourcebook is allowed, make sure to take them for the first few levels. How would you adjudicate this? This is, of course, assuming you slogged hzndbook way to duskblaade 13 for full-round channeling.


Why would anyone want to play a duskblade? If someone could help me and provide links I would be grateful, my DM is already trying to nerf my combat abilities like knowledge local doesn’t work with Knowledge Devotion so concrete sources would be great but any help would be appreciated. Dictum Mortuum November 13, at 8: Doomer December 12, at The Guisarme is arguably the best martial reach weapon, as it deals consistent 2d4 damage with slashing, the ability to trip, and they handboook cheap to boot.

Gnome Bonuses to illusion spells and illusion spells are very good for a gish xuskblade, and bonus to Constitution. Probably the least important knowledge. Dictum Mortuum October 10, at Your damage will hurt too much.

Spells and Swords

Enter your main damage dealing spell for mid-to-high levels. The Armor Check penalty is high for an armored character as you should be and your strength will help you to swim if you absolutely need to.

My reasoning was that channelling shocking grasp is the duskblade’s main schtick from levels three to eight, while combust, with its 1d8-per-level damage up to 10th level, is even better, as Dusblade also points out, though not on the duskblade spell list. Reach is ok to have, but sometimes moving can get you more targets, as well a more strategic spot in the battlefield.

Originally Posted by Gwyn chan ‘r Gwyll.

Although this is a ray, it deals heavy damage to specific targets and serves as a good swift casting. At 5th level you are receiving 2nd level spells, so get dimension hop to enhance your mobility. I am using my weapon for mostly defensive purpuses with defending on it already and Vampiric Touch Empowered with Bloodstone would make my character that much more durable.

Snowflake Wardance gets you Cha-to-attack on top of your Cha-to-saves. Mainly for multiclass duskblades. Probably the best available and you should invest a feat if you have access to extra feats, e.


This is a nice spell that will get you out of difficult and stressful situations, i’d almost always get it. I decided to multiclass into wizard to get it. Now, I have a question, a race idea, and duskkblade feat suggestion. Not actually optimal, but pretty decent for a full BAB class. This ability lets you use ignore arcane spell failure with some armor and shield types.

Thethan’s guide to duskblades

Also gives you acid and fire resistance which is good for melee. While initially it will probably not deal much damage, it can deal 1 to 3 strength damage while entangling the subjects. Small races are not generally optimal for duskblades due to strength hits. Duskblades get a huge number of spells per day, so it isn’t important for bonus spells either. As a flavor build ONLY is this an option. Views Read Edit View history.

The strength boost helps any melee build and duskblades can recover easily from a small intelligence hit. Dictum Mortuum October 25, at 8: I dislike spell storing on your main weapon because you have to load it with spells and then discharge it once.

Duskblade Handbook, Arcane Strike — not right?

James Knight May 12, at 9: D Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately have to sit through two mostly dead levels to get this. Bonus feats are welcome. Very bad, not recommended, but you could do it to show off.