AMC General Acceptable Means of Compliance for Airworthiness of Products, AMC / Amendment AMC ‘Integrated modular avionics (IMA)’. Airworthiness Directives (ADs) · Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) and Alternative Means of Compliance (AltMoC) · Alternative Method of Compliance. 1, AMC 20, AMC , AMC , AMC , AMC , AMC , AMC AMC , AMC , AMC , AMC , AMC , AMC

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Currently, the certification specifications CSs for rotorcraft do not contain any specific provisions for a human factors assessment to be carried out. Furthermore, the testing environment in which helicopters are type-certified for ditching bears little resemblance to the sea conditions experienced in operation.

This NPA proposes to enhance and modernise the specifications for the installation of flight recorders on board large aircraft, and addresses the following subjects:.

This is achieved by introducing a new flotation stability certification methodology that takes into account the sea conditions for which certification is requested.

These specifications are not always adequate for cabin interiors installed in so-called business aeroplanes, i. There are numerous benefits for using an EFB but specific benefits vary depending on the size of the operation, type of applications used, the existing content management and distribution system, the type of applications deployed.

AMC , Annex II to ED Decision //R

Stakeholders are asked to choose one of the two options proposed. The EFB may host a wide array of applications, categorized in three software categories Reference AC as amended, for an actual list of examples:.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This Decision also contains only subjects considered as non-complex, non-controversial, and mature.

The approach is based on a safety risk assessment that must be performed by the operator and accepted by the State of the Operator. We recommend those organisations affected by CS-STAN, to keep abreast of the latest changes by reviewing the requirements in full. Flap and slat interconnection. We encourage all 200-25 organisations of CMPA and other design organisations dealing with changes or supplemental type certificates to these aircraft to review the latest information and how it may affect their compliance obligations.


Evidence suggests that applying inappropriate rudder inputs may exceed xmc structural limits of the aircraft, the worst-case scenario being similar to that of American Airlines A in November This aims to both reduce the potential for lubrication system failures from occurring and to mitigate the consequences of any failure. EASA advised that this is only for design and production organisations conducting flight tests under a permit to fly. Check your email inbox for a link to your requested document.

Electronic flight bag

Quantity of available oxygen. The determination process is based on the comparison of candidate and base aircraft and assessment of similarity of the type specific elements related to aircraft configuration, doors and exits, aircraft systems and normal and emergency operations. We recommend all interested parties make themselves fully aware with these revised specifications.

It is recommended that those involved with the design of large aeroplanes CS and operators engage with this rulemaking process. Comments should be submitted by 31 August The intent is to reflect the current amd practices and to facilitate future certification projects.

EASA has published its Opinion relating to the use of Halon in lavatory waste receptacles and portable handheld extinguishers for large aeroplanes CS and large rotorcraft CS The objective of the exercise is to implement the recommendations of the JCT and to strengthen the existing CS provisions pertaining esa rotor drive system lubrication.


On a regular basis, EASA will: The deadline for submission of comments is 27 th September It is evident to the industry that with the increased use, longer operational lives, and experience from in-service aircraft, there is a need for a programme to ensure a high level of structural integrity and maintain it in the future for all aircraft, in particular, those in the large aeroplane category.

EASA expects OSD to contribute to closing the gap between airworthiness and operations, so operators, and design, continuing airworthiness management, maintenance, 200-25 maintenance training organisations are ajc to review the wide-ranging proposed changes to assess their impact.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. EASA states that the proposed changes are expected to: The means to achieve these objectives would be provided in a technical standard developed jointly by industry and national aviation authorities with the support of an international standardisation body.

The risk-based LoI concept is in line with the safety risk management standards 2025 ICAO, and will enable EASA to better identify the areas of product certification more prone than others to risk with regard to safety and environmental protection.

Other companies, including Southwest followed with “carry-on” performance computers, but they remained on the airplane as a practical matter. For a full view of the information and to access the documents, click here. We encourage operators to review the Agency’s proposals and consider how effective they would be in meeting this objective. The Regulation includes transitional arrangements allowing member States to exempt manufacturers under specified condition until the end of It also contains the draft resulting CS text.