The new EAW SB is a large-format dualinch-loaded subwoofer that can be groundstacked or easily flown via an integral rigging system, making it ideal. SB – good condition. EAW – SB €1, SB – good condition. Read More. Out of stock Condition. Good. Brand. EAW. Warranty. 72 -hours. EAW’s new SB is a large-format, dualinch-loaded sub-woofer that can be groundstacked or flown via an integral rigging system.

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SB model is designed for use digital signal processing to allow optimizing specifications for the low frequency sound. Thursday, June 10, Click above for Live Chat or Call us toll Free Nom ina l Min imu m. Nom ina l Beam wid th. Tell us what’s missing. Click above for Live Chat.


The wide range of zb1002 and provides a choice of size, which is required to meet the requirements of specific applications. The handle on the rear edge of the upper shell SB provides additional administration and the possibility of “Operation pull – Tolkai” in the process of suspension modules. RD SB November Your manual failed to upload Call us toll Free.


SB sb0102 are the choice where the absolute best sonic performance, highest reliability, and most robust physical construction are required.

Opt ion al Acc esso rie s. Transducer AES W each. The rugged grille protecting the drivers matches that of the KF Series, while the cabinet finish is a durable, scratch-resistant Chemline coating. The SB is designed to be used with sophisticated digital signal.

All specifications are therefore subject to change without notice. T rans duc er Loa din g. Customer Service Main Categories: All SB models are direct radiating, with optimally tuned, vented enclosures. A broad range of capabilities and sizes provide designers with selections that can be ezw matched to the application.

Des cri pti on Par t Sb102 er. Top quality drivers, engineered by EAW, supply the highest output and best sonic performance possible for a given form factor. Data subwoofer can be used in big clubs with live music and dance, religious institutions, in the Performing Arts Center, at corporate events and concert tours.

SB SUBWOOFER – SB Series – Subwoofer (Permanent Installation) – EAW – By Brand – Brand – Ezpro

The drivers are designed specifically for the SB, offering. Model SB – sabvufernaya system is a large format with a high low power, ab1002 can be installed or suspend using the integrated system installation that allows the use of this system in various concert shooting systems and permanent installations.


Pro Sound Service Inc. SB10 02 Dual 18 inch Subwo ofer Blac k A han dl e. Call us Toll-Free at or email us at info prosoundservice. This page is at http: Used emitters are specifically designed for system SB, they have a very large 4. Tell us about it. The SB is a large-format, high-output subwoofer ew that can be ground-stacked or easily flown via an integral rigging system, making it ideal for a wide range of live and installed sound applications.

EAW products are continually improved. EAW SB subwoofers are premium products designed for the most. All SB models are direct radiating, with optimally. A broad range of capabilities. Aew models SB – devices that direct radiation to optimally configured with a curved shells. Six Y ear Warranty. System installation, used in such popular series of linear arrays KF, provides quick and easy to use dvuhtochechnoe consolidation, which allows podveshivaemyh in arrays of up to 12 modules SB T op quality drivers, engineered by EA W .