Edasseri Govindan Nair was a prominent Indian poet from kuttippuram,in mallapuram, Kerala who wrote in his native Malayalam tongue. His works include 19 books and over poems in 10 anthologies, 6 books. Complete collection of poems by Edasseri Govindan Nair, compiled and edited by Prof K Gopalakrishnn with foreword. The collection is introduced by N V. About this poem and poet: Edasseri Govindan Nair is Malayalam Poet & Playwright who used his poems and plays to fight against cruelty based traditional.

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Let us listen to what Edasseri has said about himself, with his characteristic humour, about his attitude towards theism and politics.

Edasseri Govindan Nair

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The employers did not take to their love of poetry kindly which according to them was nothing more than an “obsession with titillation”!

Edasseri Govindan Nair

Edasseri did not dispute exassery employer, but had to remain humble. Kurup Olappamanna Subramanian Namboothirippad P. She must wait to wed, What has been ordained one cannot amend Even by a dot, try till the days do end.

Govindan received hardly any support from the Tharavad and the sad demise of his father in brought Govindan’s education to an abrupt end at primary level itself.

Edasseri Kavithakal

If you have selected credit card or net banking, click the button for doing payment through our payment gateway She got up one day, That is, before The third quarter of night And lit the little oil lamp. Parameswara Iyer Unnayi Variyar V.


With a fluttering heart, with steps faltering She paced down to the yard, She paused a while. In this endeavour both Nalappat Narayana Menon a well known poet of the time, reverently referred to as Nalappadan and Kuttikrishna Marar a scholar and literary critic helped Edasseri.

Veerendra Kumar M. Edasseri Govindan Nair Malayalam: But the system had degenerated and neglect of the nephews by the Karanavars had become rampant. Provide your email address in the place provided for email.

Edsasery a Comment Please keep your comments relevant and free from abusive language. The duo was in fact madly in love with literature paying more attention to literary discussions and reading to the neglect of their office work.

Select the agreement to terms and conditions Edasseri never pardoned himself and never dotted on his own children excessively. If domestic felicity Be historic necessity She can come to agreement Regarding such arrangements. Years efassery, her mother, then a bride, Walked in through the same Sand-strewn yard Facing an auspicious lamp. With this aim in mind he went to the town of Alappuza with his cousin called Sankarettan.

Shankara Kurup Irayimman Thampi K. But unfortunately for Edasseri, the person did not leave the shore of Singapore, but died in that alien land. His conscience did not allow him to be actively supporting any political party.

There were also occasions when the poet on his way to buy medicine for his own ailing son, donating the money to a poor man who did not have money to buy rice for his family to cook for the day.

Rajasekharan Sanjayan Sukumar Azhikode V.

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In the poems of the author who swears by Gandhiji, there lie scattered ideas which challenge Gandhism and belief in God. International debit cards are not accepted.

The poet’s philosophy is aptly reflected in the following verse:. Please mention the order ID at the back of the cheque. By he had accepted being a clerk as his formal vocation.

His works include 19 books and over poems in 10 anthologies6 books of plays and a collection of essays. Krishna Pillai C.

In darkness the daughter Crossed the very yard Her eyes in floods, toes striking stones. His works include 19 books and over poems in 10 anthologies6 books of plays and a collection of essays. Easy Payment Options Credit Card: When her clothes were torn The daughter darned the lot. It was a regular meeting place of intellectuals like V. Further, Edasseri was sanctioned an annual grant of Rs. During this period he came in contact with Manjoor Parameswaran Pillai in Alappuza and a highly erudite person.

As for Manjoor, he never overcame poverty so much so that in the later years when on occasions he visited Edasseri, despite his own unenviable finances the latter would secretly place some cash in his friend’s pocket without the knowledge even of his wife.

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