Eventually, they arrive in the palace of the King of the Murgos, Urgit, and discover , to Kheldar’s surprise, that his father had sired the Murgo King while on a. Buy a cheap copy of King of the Murgos book by David Eddings. Guided by the Orb of the God Aldur, Garion and Ce’Nedrea begin a great quest to rescue their. Here David Eddings’ bestselling The Malloreon continues as the epic quest begins, across new lands and among strange peoples.

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I LOVE this series. About David Eddings David Eddings published his first novel, High Hunt, inbefore turning to the field of fantasy with the Belgariad, soon followed by pf Malloreon.

King of the Murgos (The Malloreon, #2) by David Eddings

An unnecessary sequel 22 July It looks as if a few people have noted that this series is pretty much a thf of the earlier series, with the same people just different places and a different villain.

Eddings manages to make him look such a fool as Garion and Anheg criticise his objections, and it’s actually quite an amusing moment. Bibliography by David Eddings.

Still, they manage to make it to Cthol Murgos under the guise of slavers, muggos they are captured by the Dagashi, highly trained Murgo assassins, who have a task for a group of slavers – to go to Rak Hagga by ship, including another person in their party. In the first book, Guardians of the West, we learnt about Harakan, an underling of Urvon, a former disciple of Torak, who had managed to take control of the Bear-cult and scheme to murder Garion’s wife Ce’Nedra and kill their son Geran – not abduct, that had Garion and the Alorn armies going after the Bear-cult.

Lastly they end up in Cthol Murgos, where more things are done and some things are revealed but no people are added. The quest begins in Tolnedra, with some things to be accomplished and people added. He served in the US Army, worked as a buyer for the Boeing Company, and was both a grocery clerk and a college English teacher. As long mkrgos they are, I still wish he’d taken the time to more thoroughly develop and show us the other side of the struggle in this story.

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This page was last edited on 27 Novemberat Mordja kills the blindfolded Seeress’s guide Toth; but Garion slays the demon with his ancestral sword. There, they confront Zandramas. Kings of the Murgos [Jul 20, ] 1 4 Oct 17, edings It is also recommended that you also read the Belgariad series prior to reading this series, as that series …more This series needs to be read in order. Trivia About King of the Murgo I’ve continued reading this series, largely out of a sense of duty and a desire for completion, but I’ve frequently been underwhelmed by Eddings’ work.

Then he climbed the mainmast and spent the rest of the morning with the lookout in the wildly swaying crow’s nest high aloft.

This battle comes to a head when Chabat raises a demon and challenges Polgara. Aug 29, Jenn rated it really liked it. His kidnapper Zandramas is powerful and elusive, with many disguises. Jurgos group then sails south. That gives me the impression that the only worth they saw in Silk’s mother was her beauty.


Garion knows that it is the mysterious figure Zandramas who is responsible for the abduction of his infant son, and he and his companions jou In this second book of The Malloreon, Garion and Ce’nedra continue the quest begun in Guardians of the West.

The sorcerers honor the fallen Toth by populating his funeral slab with eternally growing flowers and sealing off the section of Mount Korim with glowing quartz as his tomb. That being said the characters more than make up for it. Mind you the British Airways plane that I took from London to Greece was powerful enough to get us over the Alps, but that is another story. Cause I don’t understand how someone you love becoming ugly and staying with them is called brave.


They traded out some of the less entertaining characters – though I miss Barak! In other projects Wikiquote.

In this current series, Garion has come into his own and Eddings was free to focus on his dualism as the main story. After leaving Eriond, Zakath, and Cyradis, the adventurers return home in Barak’s ship, where it is revealed that both Ce’Nedra and Polgara are pregnant.

All the books in the world won’t help you if they’re just piled up in a heap. Travel in medieval realms is kiny we tend not to really appreciate. The half-lives continued until I read all ten books in slightly over a week then put them down forever as I drifted into the Shannaras.

Anyway, that aside, we still need to remember that we are in a fantasy world, and not all fantasy worlds have instant teleportation, even if you have a sorcerer that is centuries old travelling with you.

King Of The Murgos : (Malloreon 2)

The quest is under way! Almost shyly they looked at each other and then, unable to hold it in, they began to laugh. I went from laughter to tears and back again. In this journey, our heroes meet many adventures and many interesting people, giving the writer the chance to make the story more mkrgos and add eve In the second part, our story follows the traditional plot development of high fantasy books by leading to the classic journey of our heroes to a destination where everything will be decided.

A woman can’t rule.

Tuurlijk, net is steeds weer net aan dat ze het redden, en hier en daar wat toevalligheidjes, maar eddibgs stoor ik me totaal niet aan.