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Images of women in antiquity.

The most popular title for Ephrem is Harp of the Spirit Syriac: Although Greek compositions are the main source of pseudepigraphal material, there are also works in LatinSlavonic and Arabic. Thomas Evangelical Church However, internal evidence from his authentic writings suggest that he was raised by Christian parents.

For 48 years —it was on 18 June, and this date is still observed in the Extraordinary Form.

Sfantul Efrem Sirul: Imnele Paresimilor, Azimelor, Rastignirii si Ivnieri |

These hymns are full of rich, poetic imagery drawn from biblical sources, folk tradition, and other religions and philosophies. Constantius II was unable to respond; the campaign of Julian in ended with his death in battle.


He seems to have been a part of the members of the covenanta close-knit, urban community of Christians that had “covenanted” themselves to service and had refrained from sexual activity. Ephrem comments that orthodox Nicene Christians were simply called “Palutians” in Edessa, after a former bishop. Syriac churches still use many of Ephrem’s hymns as part of the annual cycle of worship.

Most of these works are considerably later compositions in Greek. Nisibis was besieged inand Catholicism portal Saints portal.

Sfantul Efrem Sirul – Saint Ephrem the Syrian

In Ephrem’s day, monasticism was in its infancy in Egypt. This is not to say that all texts ascribed to Ephrem in Greek are by others, but many are. Chaldean Syrian Church Paschal cycle 12 Great Feasts Other feasts: He was ordained as a deacon either at his baptism evrem later. Ephrem’s writings contain a rich variety of symbols and metaphors.

Sf. Efrem Sirul (Author of Cuvinte şi învăţături Vol. 2)

However, most of these liturgical hymns are edited and conflated versions of the originals. Eastern Catholic Chaldean Catholic Church. Ephrem asserts that Christ’s unity of humanity and divinity represents peace, perfection and salvation; in contrast, docetism and other heresies sought to divide or reduce Christ’s nature and, in doing so, rend and devalue Christ’s followers with their false teachings.


Jacobthe second bishop of Nisibis, [7] was appointed inand Ephrem grew up under his leadership of the community. One of the earlier “modifications” is the statement that Ephrem’s father was a pagan priest of Abnil or Abizal. The sidul included pagan religions, Judaism and early Christian sects.

The church historian Sozomen credits Ephrem with having written over three million lines. Part of a series on the. Ephrem is attributed with writing hagiographies such as The Life of Saint Mary the Harlotthough this credit is called into question.

Ephrem the Syrian

Eastern Christian traditions that employ Syriac language in their liturgical rites with active years in brackets. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Retrieved from ” https: Syriac Orthodox Church Over four hundred hymns composed by Ephrem still exist. His Roman Catholic feast day of 9 June conforms to his date of death.

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