Pan’s Labyrinth, originally known in Spanish as El Laberinto del. Fauno (The Labyrinth of the Faun), is a Spanish-Mexican film which is both a war film and. El Laberinto del Fauno Novie Script by Guillermo del Toro – Screenplay and Movie Scripts. Pan’s Labyrinth is intended as a “companion piece” to del Toro’s and Mark Kermode—selected El Laberinto del Fauno as the best film of it’s Pan’s Labyrinth’s tight, simple, elegant script that delivers a tale that.

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And we’ll vanish along with it. I’ll sleep down here.

Look what she was hiding under your bed! We have a few things here strictly for that purpose. Tomorrow, Faunl going to give you a surprise. We’ll set up three new command posts.

EL LABERINTO DEL FAUNO – Festival de Cannes

Your father needs me. Your mother will get better soon, you’ll see.


Captain Vidal has billeted himself inside a crumbling mill; imperious and intimidating, he makes no effort to laberimto his stepdaughter. You’re going to a very dangerous place, so be careful.

I’m going for more wood.

And yet he is also haunted by a story, less wondrous than hers, but similarly foreboding: You would give up your throne for him? God only knows what they wanted, other than to waste our time. The Captain is calling.

Take your hat off in front of me. It’ll take away the pain. But when I was a little girl, I did. She’s so glad you succeeded. Let’s see how that leg’s doing, Frenchie. To hunt for rabbits. I am a faun.

I want to ask you one favor for when you come out You will never see us again. From now on, one ration card per family.

Laberinto del Fauno, El () Movie Script | SS

You’ve made Mama very sick. At first, I won’t be able to trust you We’ll store it all. A pinprick, that’s all. This is our daily bread in Franco’s Spain Captain, we’ve surrounded a small unit that fell behind. However, her father, the King Captain, fauon wife should not have traveled at such a late stage of sscript.


Go ahead, Serrano, don’t be afraid, this is the only decent way to die. Take my pets to guide you through.

Laberinto del Fauno, El (2006) Movie Script

Do it for me. Here’s the key, but you can’t go down there now. That she was loved by her people.

Do you want some milk with honey? What are you doing down there? Damn, this cigarette is good! It’s the final task.