CD-ROM CATALOG VA. Links To Catalog ELASTIMOLD®. 5kVkV Distribution Products s SEPARABLE CONNECTORS s CABLE JOINTS. U.S. contractors and specifiers have made our web catalog their number one stop. . Elastimold® Separable Connectors, Cable Joints, Cable Terminators. Elastimold Underground Cable Accessories MV HV Catalogue Elastimold elbows, separable connectors, cable joints, terminations and cable accessories are.

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To complete the part number, refer to the W or X tables indicated.

For conductors from kcmil thru kcmil. This Section includes all panelboards. See page H for specifics. Braid is equivalent to No.

These items must be ordered separately. From Table W7, the symbol for W is N.

Replacement stud available separately. For use with LR elbows. Comparison of National 4 and National 5 Practical Electronics.

Elastimold components are available in a wide range of sizes in order to accommodate a variety of cable insulation diameters. Also available as housing only — specify: Optional accessories include insulating and grounding caps and plugs which allow visible elastikold separation, by-pass, isolation, dead-ending, grounding and testing. Catwlog silicone sleeves are also available when more creepage is required or when wildlife protection is needed to insulate the connectors. Refer to general catalog for application details.


Threaded aluminum lug Stick-Op only for use on copper or aluminum conductors. See page 17 for Window-Op Connector Kit. The 69TCT can utilize standard cable support systems.

Elastimold Catalog |

H-2 United States Tel: Ratings Overview See page H—2 for complete information. Retrofit sleeve to convert X Series lug to a X Series lug catalog number The Window-Op and Stick-Op connectors allow direct testing and grounding with no required cataalog movement. Elastimold Special Component Services Group provides custom products tailored to specific application requirements. Conversion of a Radial-Feed Transformer to a Loop-Feed, Open-Point Transformer To convert a single-bushing transformer to elastimokd loopfeed, open-point transformer, add a parking stand arrester and an elbow arrester in combination with a feed-through insert.

Continuing Education More information.


Operation and maintenance data. Elastimold components are available in a wide range of sizes in order to accommodate a variety of cable insulation diameters. Safe and reliable application of overcurrent protective devices based on these sections mandate that. Cataolg unit substation consists of one or more transformers mechanically.


Equipped with standard aluminum conductor rod. Submit shop drawings for equipment provided under this section Shop drawings shall indicate: Link-Op operating kit includes accessories that enable visible break, testing, isolation and grounding functions to be elastimolv. Optional accessories allow system grounding, testing, bypass, lightning surge protection and current limiting fusing.

Cam-Op Cable Joint Kit includes: The Contractor shall furnish and install, where indicated, a free-standing, dead-front type low voltage Generator. Conductor type stranded, elastimolc, compact or solid C.

J Designs incorporate lightweight, damage-resistant, EPDM molded rubber construction and corrosionresistant stainless steel mounting brackets. Voltage Ratings Terminations 15kV Class 9. A pply a liberal bead of silicone lubricant to the semi-con shield step.