As a child, Elias Chacour lived in a small Palestinian village in Galilee. The townspeople were proud of their ancient Christian heritage and lived at peace with. Book Title: Blood Brothers: The Dramatic Story of a Palestinian Christian Working for Peace in Israel. Author: Elias Chacour and David Hazard. Elias Chacour enjoyed a simple childhood in Biram, a small village in Galilee. School, church, and family met his needs and nurtured his soul, so he grew in the .

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They had thrown bombs at their own people to touch off a panic emigration to Israel. Chacours story is a very personal account of Zionist’s occupation of one little village in Israel, his village, and his quest to try and bring peace between the two bgothers, both descending from the same ancestor: From there it went straight down hill.

Blood Brothers Summary & Study Guide

It also helped e understand the extent of how harsh the occupation is against the people who lived in Palestine before He offers you a gripping, true-life account of what really happened at the birth of modern Israel.

Peaceful farmers, his family did not have a lot of money, but they were rich in love and their Christian faith. I understand that English isn’t Chacour’s first language, so I feel guilty criticizing his writing, but it’s overly simplistic and reads in a juvenile manner. Published February 1st by Chosen Books first published They eljas the houses, farms, and churches from the people.

Even tho this book may have been boring at times, it did teach me chacoour lot about what it was like to be a Palestinian christian at this time. So that they can really get a picture of what it is like over there. The Bread of Orphans. Jan 11, Kathy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Might equals right is always available to us as an option; it has certainly proven its effectiveness throughout history.

View all 20 comments. He tells a touching story about arriving in the deeply fractured city of Ibillin, vrothers he arranged to have three nuns visit and reach out to the villagers. It doesn’t feel r The content of the book and the details about Chacour’s life are fascinating, but the actual writing of the book is just not that great. Who is the fighter for liberty? The book suddenly became more appealing to me.


I highly recommend this book. The intentions were not necessarily pure either. A few months ago, we discussed Blood Brothers at our church book group, and we had two special guests: His mother’s final brithers to him before she died was, “Be strong, Elias. Mostly, embarrassed that I’ve gone on for so long ignoring these issues.

Copyrights Blood Brothers from BookRags. Both books helped me to look at Jews in different perspective and also helped me to through away a little bit of unrecognized discrimination in my mind.

Elkas for emphasising the importance of a balanced stand against violence from all sides and thanks epias reigniting a tiny glimmer of hope for peace when people who follow Jesus aim to be spokespeople for reconciliation. We do not need such friendship.

Blood Brothers

This is a nonfiction book and can become boring at times, but the message given is beautiful dhacour we should all listen. News in the Wind.

Elias struggled brotners love the Jews, and he struggles to clarify the misunderstanding of his people. What most Americans do not know is that in the late 40s the Israeli zionists forced the Palestinians off of the brotherw on which they and their ancestors had lived for hundreds of years, thus setting off the division and conflict that we live with today.

We should not curse another man but yet we do, we should not have prejudice but yet we do.

They make mistakes, agreed, but aren’t they all just well meaning pe Before reading this book I thought I had quite a balanced view on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. Chacour locked the church doors and exhorted them to act like Christians and forgive each other.

As he lost everything he had to go to an orphanage with hate in his heart.


Elias was born in the early 40’s to a Palestinian Christian family that dates its roots back to New Testament times. No trivia or quizzes yet. Of course, as the back cover states, “this is a story about people. I don’t know very much about the Middle East, and to be honest, even after many, many explanations, by many, many different people and books, I have had a hard time understanding why peace isn’t easier to foster in those nations.

After being ordained, he was assigned to a church that was dying. One thousand people will argue about the problem. Elias Chacour was a Palestinian man who had a deep love for Jewish and Palestinian people to be alike.

If you want to learn about a man who fought demons that we all fight and won just enough to make a difference and maybe even you want to do similar this is your book to read.

This study guide contains the following sections: News in the Wind. This book is the first book to use true life accounts about the middle east and about the birth of modern day israel. Noted for his efforts to promote reconciliation between Arabs and Israelis, he is the author of two books about the experience of Palestinian people living in present-day Israel. In recognition of his humanitarian efforts he has received honors including the World Methodist Peace Award, the Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneurthe Peacemakers in Action Award from the Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understandingand the Niwano Peace Prize Japan as well as honorary doctorates from five universities including Duke and Emory.

Published init is still a relevant read today. That peace among peoples of various religions ultimately prevailed as an overriding goal in his life is amazing. Chacour grows from being a child during the Nakba to a coming of age during the settler colonialism period that followed. What role did Britain play?