Embedded Image Processing on the TMSCTM DSP: Examples in Code Composer StudioTM and MATLAB [Shehrzad Qureshi] on The TMSC Line of DSPs (Image Processing). Even though this topic has a narrow focus, it calls for a wide array of tools, some hardware (DSP. Written for practicing signal and image processing engineers, this book discusses the implementation of advanced image processing algorithms on.

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Embedded Image Processing on the TMS320C6000 DSP

GDI is a C library of functions and type definitions used for 2D graphics, providing exactly the type of graphics functionality needed for visualizing the results of image processing algorithms – namely the rendering of bitmapped images.

This augmented technology included new specialized instructions for “packed data processing” for accelerating many of the key applications targeted by the C6x family. The activation energy of a CCD pixel is the amount of energy needed to excite the constituent electrons to produce a given pixel intensity. More illumination means greater contrast and a better quality image, with a larger delta between pixel intensities corresponding to the bony areas and the background compare the quality vsp a with that of 3- 5a.

With the advent of Microsoft’s. Note that the ‘ – g ‘ option debug symbols must be enabled to use the Code Composer Studio profiler. Thankfully, in the world of DSP this situation is rare. Non-linear filters are precluded from taking advantage of this scheme, as the convolution theorem does not apply to tbe.

These so-called SIMD single instruction, multiple data instructions, designed to exploit instruction embedxed parallelism, crop up throughout this book and are covered in Appendix B. If the noise is highly structured, it may be due to defects in embeded manufacturing process of the detector, such as when faulty pixels produce images with pixel dropouts.

Selecting View Memory brings up the dialog box shown in Figure tms320c600 B9 I i 9 Figure This was followed a year later with Visual Studio.

There is typically less logic involved in DSP programs, where logic refers to branching and control instructions. Filtering a signal, either one-dimensional or multi-dimensional, involves repeated multiply-accumulate, or MAC, operations.

In short, this C program is more or less a direct line-by-line port of Algorithm When the user interacts with such controls, the MFC framework calls the appropriate callback methods in the CDialog-derived class. Alternatively, changing the build configuration to Release should by default enable fairly aggressive optimizations, although it is always recommended to ensure that the most appropriate build options for imahe particular application are set.


Note that this and all other embesded set the first and last kernel half-width columns and rows to zero. This issue of data residing in external off-chip RAM is even more pressing in comparison to kn point processing operations of Chapter 3, because here the interior pixels of the input image need to be accessed multiple times.

This button brings up an Add Profile Area dialog where the section of code to profile is set. Spatial Processing Techniques 83 U.

This chapter contains introductory material and Chapter 2 is important background information on the various tools employed throughout the rest of the book. In this case, the compiler will be forced to pad the fetch packet with NOP no operation instructions.

Covers TI technologies and applies them to an important market important: In its nominal form, connecting the DSK to the host is simple: The neighborhood pixels need not be weighted evenly to smooth the image.

Embedded Image Processing on the TMSC DSP

Fixed-point representation processijg numbers. Labels in b o l dc o u r i e r font refer to actual variables in the implementation. Eventually, the cost of transforming two matrices to the frequency domain via the 2D FFT and embedxed matrix back to the time domain via the 2D inverse FFT is balanced out by the fact that in between these two transforms, element-wise multiplication occurs, as opposed to sliding a mask across an image and computing the sum of products at each step.

The image processing algorithms call on Intel IPP functions right. First and foremost, my soon-to- be wife, Lubna, provided invaluable feedback with regards to the composition of the book and spent countless hours reviewing drafts of the material.

Restoring a degraded image entails modeling the noise, and utilizing an appropriate filter based on this model. Zvr added it May 17, This ds first pixel is completely saturated, simulating the situation of a detector in an x-ray camera failing to collect charge. When engineers or scientists refer to an embeded, they are typically speaking of an optical representation of a scene acquired using a device consisting of elements excited by some light source.

The output of a filter obtained by feeding it an impulse is called the filter’s impulse response, and the impulse response completely characterizes the filter. What is the function of TR1 in this circuit 3.

The application shell was tms320v6000 using the Visual Studio. There are two ways of going about this. Another major component to jmage program is the I m a g e 8 b p p class, whose interface is given in Listing This file contains directives for the TI linker, and serves a few purposes.

In this case, the gray- level transform function is erroneously constructed because the scale of the two discrete Ddp are no longer the same. Aside from image processing, the author also explains the uses and rationale behind a plethora of technologies, most notably several industry-standard and essential TI developer technologies, including the Code Composer Studio TM IDE.


Embedded Image Processing on the TMS320C6000 DSP: Examples in Code Composer Studio and MATLAB

Finally, a few words regarding the references to TI documentation – the amount of TI documentation is literally enormous, and unfortunately it is currently not located in its entirety in a central repository akin to MSDN. Calculation of the CDF for histogram equalization. NH filtered rows are then combined via summation across the orthogonal column-wise direction, thereby producing pixels in the output image that have been filtered in a 2D fashion.

One of the most common representations is the so-called “Q15” format, or more specifically Q0. One issue with the older DSKs was that they were somewhat slow, because their connectivity to the host PC was over a parallel port.

This figure is shown in monochrome, however the histogram equalized color image, processed via histeqRGB, may be found on the CD under the images directory. With respect to the 2D DWT example, the “canonical” form of the algorithm as just described can be altered so that it produces identical output, but does not require the use of a matrix transposition.

A software implementation of a 2D separable transform is relatively straightforward, if a routine exists that performs the ID transform on a vector of data.

How do you get an MCU design to market quickly? In fact, one can visualize image data directly within CCStudio, as we shall see in 4.

The comparative simplicity of the hardware then makes it possible to crank up the clock speed of the processor while maintaining a handle on the overall power consumption Great, so in fixed-point architectures we are forever stuck only performing integer arithmetic, and there is no concept of a number with a decimal point?

Prior to embarking on this journey, this first chapter introduces the structure of the book and the representation of digital images, and the second chapter provides background information on the tools used to develop image processing algorithms. This function is especially helpful, as it knows about a slew of common filters, all of which can be tuned according to kernel size and additional filter-specific parameters.