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Therefore we are experiencing a nostalgic document that needs detailed observation and analysis. We owe the success of this project to the management team and the staff of AXA headquarters, who worked in great unison and gave us great support during the project. From a planning perspective, this requires experience and knowledge beyond the usual construction ejre management skills.

Instead of getting trapped in modernist mainstreams, the conference sought for pluralities that can stem from different modernisms within the global context and individual societies that madrzn it. Due to their particular set of challenges, such projects require a different workflow, when compared with traditional construction projects.


Regeneration of Old Trabzon Tekel Building Architecture Competition The results of emrs architectural competition opened by Trabzon Municipality for the regeneration of Old Tekel Building complex for the sake of integrating the building complex back to city life has been announced recently. It is another good example of modern restoration application in the country.

The success of this work will be heavily dependent on the successful initial setup of the communication and integration management processes. This also requires a conscious approach and a good knowledge of the building.

As stated above, Santral Istanbul is a unique and great example of the combination of modern preservation principles and technological engineering solutions, from the details and construction methods perspective.

While the electromechanical equipment and the roof assembly were completely renovated, the marble floor coverings, interior doors and the garden arrangements were improved and preserved as per the original design and selection of Prof. In addition to the standard restoration work, the Fehime Sultan and Hatice Sultan houses which were severely damaged by fire and many years of exposure to external elements, will be returned to their original condition under the supervision of both local and international experts.


The project includes a multi-directional restoration and a basement application on the waterside of the Bosphorus, with a top-down construction method.

METU – Academic Staff Roster

Often times, the building will need to be partially or enre operational during the rehabilitation work. Architecture and Urban Assemblies. Famous Turkish architect Emre Arolat designed this project situated in the city of Kayseri central Turkey. Battlestar Architectura Part Indeed, the power station used coal coming from the mines of Zonguldak, in northern Turkey, transported through the sea.

..| Mimarlık Dergisi |..

Emre Madran This difficult question put us in front of the most important aspects of the project. This year the 9 th meeting took place between 25 th September and 1 st October in Istanbul eme Ankara.

From a restoration perspective, the project represents multiple extraordinary aspects, giving us the opportunity to work with leading experts in the country, and by the same, applying multi-disciplinary restoration solutions. Emre Madran guided us.

In madrqn sense, restoration projects provided us with everlasting memories, while we gathered special application expertise and experiences, to carry forward to future projects. Among 16 projects submitted to the competition the jury has given 3 awards, 3 mention and 3 purchase awards.

All interior lining and electromechanical systems were built from scratch under such conditions. Aktan Acar gives an overview to the inherent dynamics of the symposium in its relation to the notion of rationalism within architecture, as well as reflects on the ongoing uneasiness of architectural discourse with rationalist discourses in general. The author, who is a member of Tripoli Municipality and the president of Historical Affairs and Cultural Heritage Committee provides inside information on the ongoing redevelopment plans of Beirut after the destructive affects of the civil war and the current condition of the city, which still faces the destructive power of war.


There are no more of those drawing plates in such particular sizes. What is felt when a part of the city is destroyed is not only a nostalgia or melancholy to what is lost but it is usually a fear from indefinite surprises that can come along with the implementation of the new. As part of the project, a cotton warehouse situated in the factory area was converted to a building, housing administrative offices and classrooms.

METU and YTU Summer Practices There have been ongoing efforts in emphasising the role of summer training practices as a significant extension of the architectural education programme and a way to introduce architecture students with the building materials and technologies in advance.

Comparatively, the creation of a pluralist environment between designers, contractors and users in rehabilitation projects is lot more needed than in a regular construction project. Do we have to emphasize that these documents need preservation as much as the buildings that were build in the light of those drawings?

It e,re a fact that emrw act of destruction is usually associated with negative connotations. The result of the competition was announced in 6 th August and the jury has given 3 awards, 5 mentions and 3 purchase awards as a result of the final evaluation.