purposes; its challenges and contribution of enset production for sustainable livelihood According to Stanely (), the cultivation of Enset in Ethiopia was . However, the spatial distribution of Enset production and its yield are not . Enset plant yield and assessing kocho production in Ethiopia. Annual national food production in Ethiopia for the years Table 3. Hectarage and production of Enset products in the Southern Ethhiopia Peoples.

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The leaves and pseudostems are utilized for wrapping, sheeting to sit, thatching, making enet, shading from sunshine and protecting from rain [ 6 ]. Thus, cautious interpretation is required on general statements of Ethiopian diet.

Ertiro, A linear model for predicting enset plant yield and assessment of Kocho production in Ethiopia. The productivities of Gena and Neqaqa are Richer farmers can generally afford to iin a higher level of farm biodiversity because they have more resources such as land, labour and livestock. These food sources need to be supplemented in order to provide enough protein in general and specifically the deficient amino acids in Kocho and the root crops.

A good quality fibre, suitable for ropes, twine, baskets, and proeuction weaving, is obtained from the leaves. The dried petioles and midribs are used as firewood, to make mats, and tying materials for house construction.

Enset Ensete ventricosum Production in Ethiopia: The clonal differences used by farmers, variation in the places of growth in different environments and soil qualities, and harvesting time differences unsurprisingly affect the nutrient qualities of enset [ 25 ].

Enset garden is sometimes an indicator of the economic productipn of farmers; many varieties more mature and large number of enset plants are found in the gardens of wealthier households [ 24 ].


However, the scientific clinical studies of these enset medical uses were not reported. The fruits are inedible insipidflavorless [5] and have hard, black, rounded seeds. It was suggested in Westphal [8 ] that the high land of Kefa, which is the humid corner of southwest Ethiopia, iin the natural center of distribution of enset.

During wedding, enset leaves can prodyction used on tables for serving food and as skirts for women in some cases in emset to being the major food for the ceremony. Retrieved 20 December In general, the pulp of the pseudostem, the young shoots, and the corm are eaten.

They also make atmit gruel and given to a person caught cold. Kuk, “Resistance levels and fitness of glufosinate-resistant transgenic sweet potato in field experiments,” Field Crops Research, vol.

Third, flooding events can transport the mealybug over longer distances and reach enset plants. Enset cultivation in Ethiopia is reported to be 10, years old. Farmers have conventionally established sophisticated way of enset propagation.

Enset varieties that yield the whitest kocho and bulla color are considered to be the best quality while yield is very important trait for a family food according to farmers. We also appreciate Mr. Glutamine, tryptophan, and asparagine are amino acids that are not found in corm Mohammed, et al.

However, g of bulla and corm contain and kcal, respectively Table 3. Enset is a perennial root crop indigenous to Ethiopia cultivated dominantly in the south and southwestern highlands.

The nutrient contents of kocho and bulla is sufficient to prodiction requirement similar in extent to cereal flours [ 34 ].

Ensete ventricosum – Wikipedia

Negro University Press, This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat According to Straube, the Amarro people harvest enset when they are needed since they do not ferment its starch as cited in Westphal [8 ]. Hence farmers were overexploiting their Enset reserves thereby causing gradual losses and disappearance of the false banana as an important household food security reserve. Shigeta [6 ] elucidated that at funeral ceremony, people beat the psuedostems of enset laid on the ground in circle like drums and they also go with enset leaves on their hands.


Tabogie, Agronomy research on enset, Prodution. Musa rubronervata De Wild.

Cheesman Ensete proboscideum Oliv. Institute of Agricultural Research, Simmonds, The evolution of the bananas. This is nearly enough daily maintenance energy during low working activity but cannot be assumed out of g washi for it contains a lot of moisture.

The corm of enset is fed to stimulate placental discharge and reduce delivery-associated stomachache and eaten with cheese, butter, and milk. Producyion studies with starches of potato, sago and corn,” Journal of Applied Glycoscience, vol. Feleke, “The production and utilization of the genus ensete in Ethiopia,” Economic Botany, vol.

1. Introduction

The enset plant can also be sold in some cases and the processed products like kocho and bulla are prroduction anytime in the rural markets and towns.

Shank and Ertiro [7 ] studied the product yield and plant size and modeled yield estimation derivatives. The representative enset growing areas of southwest highlands Ethiopia are shown in Fig. Another disease can strike enset even though it has been more observed on Banana plants Musacea.

Abiyot Alemu for their very kind and dedicated help during sampling around Areka. Enset Enset ventricosum is a genus of banana family and termed as ethiopiw banana. Enset has limitations in nutritional adequacy particularly in essential amino acids and important minerals.