Protected: Cervantes: Entremeses (El juez de los divorcios, El viejo celoso, Los habladores). This content is password protected. To view it please enter your. interlude, W. Rozenblat poses the question, «¿Por qué escribió Cer- vantes el Entremés del juez de los divorcios!» and answers it by at- tempting to reconstruct . Enrique Abad. Updated 18 April Transcript. Referencias: . (). Entremes: el juez de los divorcios. Encontrado en.

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Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. Feret et fils For some critics, the first interlude exudes typical Cervantine irony as the judge resolutely washes his hands of the ill-married couples who plead for divorce, leaving the narrative open ended with no definitive conclusion.

Visor de obras.

In criticizing her loudness, the vejete denigrates her twice: Tal como ocurre en muchas de sus obras, hay personajes en El juez de los divorcios que hacen eco de la vida de Cervantes. Official state culture, therefore, simultaneously maintains and is maintained by the celebration of popular rituals that xivorcios the liturgical calendar of the Catholic church.

A closer look, however, reveals that the interludes instead question the possibility of reproducing unmediated desire all the while deferring formal closure.


Cruz and Ana Paula Ferreira. Obras de Miguel de Cervantes.

Despite the apparent role inversion between men and women by which the latter demand their spousal rights, matrimonial order is never subverted, since the juex are not granted, but deferred. Their indeterminacy notwithstanding, the entremeses remain, in the end, only partially successful in deferring cultural authority and control.

The interlude thus intends both a denial and an affirmation of the supposed sexual goings-on and, by extension, of representation itself, as it simultaneously fosters and checks the entrees, as well divlrcios the public’s, credulity.

Bringing the play full circle, the line comments on its reiterability: Rather than confronting her, however, the husband appropriates Guiomar ‘s reasoning: Moreover, his ironic commentary renders incomplete any interpretation based on a single performance, since the act of reading displaces divorciox by granting the reader control over the time, place, and mode of reception; reading a text presupposes the likelihood of rereading, of multiple interpretations based on multiple readings Bulletin of the Cervantes Society of America 11 Of the minor theater of the Golden Age, only Cervantes ‘s interludes jyez sustained much critical attention What is most significant, however, is that their publication reveals the interludes’ incompletely subversive nature, indefinitely deferring the possibility of any social change.

The barred door that screens the scene from the audience, however, serves also to bracket consummation, as it impedes any visual confirmation of the sexual act either by the old man or the audience. In Cervantes ‘s rendition of the morality tale, all the players are implicated in a series of deceptions and reversals huez remain unstaged and unresolved. Connor SwietlickiCatherine. The interludes’ distortional and troubling aspects have not escaped the critics, who continue to grapple with Cervantes ‘s reworking of the genre’s conventional themes.

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No se habla nunca del amor ni de la amistad.

Protected: Cervantes: Entremeses (El juez de los divorcios, El viejo celoso, Los habladores)

Uno de los temas principales en esta obra es la idea de la libertad femenina. Nicholas Spadaccinieditor. The interludes’ irresolution stems also from their carnivalesque origins.

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Stallybrass, Peter and Allon White. Bartlett Giamattieds.

Both are bitterly disappointed: When it is the next couple’s turn, the procurador also restricts the woman’s speech, warning her not to speak ill of her soldier-husband: But the women divvorcios not without blame in the charade: A Study in Magic and Religion. It is not coincidental, therefore, that the procurador ‘s mercenary motives dovetail with the self-interest of the reconciled couples.

A Report on Knowledge.