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axe(4) (Belkin F5D5055) problems

The schematic merely shows the pinout. An NDA might be more of a problem for the software; device driver source typically contains information about many of the PHY internal registers.

All claim to use about half the power, are much smaller, and don’t need the 1. We didn’t think it was worth incorporating in development boards, or modules, if our customers couldn’t get the basic information. Plus, all the source code is open as well, so who knows what secret registers that might reveal. I mean, what could possibly be NDA-worthy in the datasheet for a 4 year old part that implements a technology GbE which is nearly a decade old? On 17 Dec, The problem is that all of them require an NDA just to see the datasheet.


The fact that other users have been forced to redact pages of schematics tells me that this is a serious problem.

Understanding the etc PHY driver

Micrel has nothing gigabit on their website. It has 4 problems: I can only hope these companies stop being so snobbish as they get rapid volume turnoff in the current recession in their favoured consumer markets.

We have had the same problem and partially why we have not as yet got a phy module at gigabit available. On Dec 17, 2: I don’t see how this clashes with open source hardware though.

[RFC PATCH 01/17] etc: Replaced PHY driver by a small dmx board fixup

John Adair Enterpoint Rt1011c. This seems nuts to me. I am not a lawyer, and you should read the terms of the NDA very closely. Sign in Sign in Remember me Forgot username or password? Create free account Forgot password?

The pinout isn’t covered by the NDA, as that information is already published in schematics that you can download.


The other problem with these companies is getting smallish numbers of chips is generally expensive and difficult. For example, I found this schematic containing an 88E in less than a minute of searching: I have found candidates from Marvell, Vitesse, and Broadcom. Anybody have any experience with it? Introduction to Microcontrollers Mike Silva. It is cheap, low power, available, and they give out the datasheets without an NDA.

Can you imagine how hard it would be to design anything if every chip you used had NDAs attached to it? Besides, I don’t want to reward such bad behavior by these chip companies.